10 Signs That Prove You Are Suffering From Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome

Do you often experience the inexplicable urge to correct grammar mistakes? We’re Sorry, but you are suffering from Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome.

Irrespective of the situation, be it during the routine friendly banter with your buddies or during a highly prioritized business meeting, the impulse to rectify incorrect grammar drives you insane?

If yes, then fear not. Welcome aboard to the group of obnoxious grammar police who thrive and flourish in rectifying grammatical errors. They are people who most likely suffer from Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome.

Listed below are a few signs and symptoms of Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome:


1. You absolutely cannot stand reading texts in the SMS language.

grammatical pedantry syndrome

You automatically equate people who type “lyk dis” as people with less IQ thus forming a negative opinion about them.

Reading the SMS lingo leaves you cringing.

grammatical pedantry syndromeYou cannot fathom why people use “Okie” instead of “Okay” when it takes the same number of letters to form the word.

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2. You are of the opinion that incorrect punctuation is equivalent to committing high treason against humanity.

grammatical pedantry syndrome

You are absolutely exasperated about the innumerable times you had to explain the importance of correct punctuation!

grammatical pedantry syndrome

3. You know the correct use of You’re and Your.


You are never tired although a bit miffed at schooling people about the use of Your and You’re. You also know the designated use of words like there and their, to and too, affect and effect etc.

4. You are constantly approached by friends and family to proofread their various literary ventures.


You are never too tired of being asked by friends & family to proofread their emails & essays because you obviously derive pleasure in correcting their grammar.

5. Word games are your “Go To” games to pass free time.


You are an expert at Scrabble amongst friends and family with an unbeatable record and are perhaps the next World Scrabble Champion.

6. You instantly learn the meaning of words alien to you and add them to your literary arsenal.


Learning new words is high on your priority list and to use them in everyday conversation gives you an otherworldly happiness.

7. You read and reread all your posts on social media to ascertain excellent grammar. Big symptom of grammatical pedantry syndrome.


You take the liberty of correcting inaccurate grammar on social media including those from strangers.

8.You socialize well with people who have an outstanding grammar.

Yes, you instantly hit off with people who display excellent grammar skills.

9. Your pronunciation is always on point.


You would rather remain silent than risk mispronouncing a word.

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10. Good grammar to you is food for the soul.

You relish good grammar and the absence of incorrect grammar gives you paramount satisfaction.

Hence, if you relate to the above-listed signs, you may be a victim of Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome and an unsuspecting member of the grammar police.

So, the next time you feel an incorrigible urge to correct grammatical errors, try not being too smug about it. *Wink*

Are You? Or Anyone Of Your Friends Suffering From Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome? Drop Them In The Comments Below.