A Cinema Is Screening All Episodes Of GOT, That Too With Free Tickets And Complimentary Pizzas

got cinema screening
GOT Cinema Screening

Winter is coming!

GOT cinema screening

Aye, the winter is coming along with the iron throne to the London Theater. Rush with blankets to The Prince Charles Theater in London for the screening of 7 seasons of Game Of Thrones. And save the dates from November 27 to November 30. It will begin at 7 pm on Monday 27th until 6 pm on Thursday 30th of November.


I screamed like such (it’s not horrifying like she explains), but it’s even crazier.

HBO has partnered up with The Prince Charles Theater for a three day binge-watch of Game of Thrones all 7 seasons. Just don’t care if you win or die. You will get breaks and intervals and pizzas and popcorns served occasionally and its all free. And don’t carry any wine or alcohol in your belly. Alcohol is not allowed


Advanced tickets are done but there are still announcements of more tickets on Twitter. The rush at this hour for the GOT heads have gone crazier in the England population. This is the very first time a theatre has partnered up with HBO opening doors for the GOT heads. There’s buzzes and buzzes and buzzes about every 67 episodes to be screened with fans banging there heads for the tickets.

GOT cinema screening

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This three-day marathon is celebrating the release of the latest season of Game of Thrones and the Blu ray collection which consists of all the seasons. This is an outbursting performance HBO has shown up. Firstly with introducing Game Of Thrones and now screening it. This has geared up the TRPs and excitement of what else HBO can come up with for the fans.

For all the Game of Thrones fans in London, it’s time to grab your thrones of theatre. And for others, if you think of flying to London, Don’t! Tickets are sold out. But with hopes, we can still live in our nations that this would no doubt gain a lot of profit and can make HBO tie up with other theatres too. Keep hoping! Keep praying!

We know nothing.”

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Source: IndiaTimes