Google Wind Blows Everyone Away With Its Concept

Just Imagine, how it would be if one had the means to control climate. The arrival of Sun, Moon; the inclination of their rays; the direction of wind blowing and its place! The concept is widely used in Cartoons and Google wound itself in a project named “Google Wind” in order to ‘Blow Wind Away’. They blew people off too!

If anyone of you are ardent followers of a Japanese Anime known as ‘Doraemon‘, you would certainly be familiar with this abnormal concept.

google wind

Weather Box – They called it so in the Anime with which desirable climate can be achieved. Be it, Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy or Snowy.

Why Google Wind?

Netherlands, also known as Holland is a beautiful country place, also known for its windmills. Such a pristine country has a problem too. Its residents are always unhappy about its weather.

It rains for 145 days at a stretch! At times, there were many occurrences of Floods too.

google wind

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In order to free its residents from the onslaught of The Rain God, Google introduced the concept of Google Wind with a motto –

” Machine learning that enables all the mills to collaborate “

How does Google Wind work?
  • It is a system that links the country’s 1,170 windmills together.
  • For this process, they had to analyze deeply, the weather conditions and the directional flow of wind.
  • Using the above motto, they see that the windmills work in sync.
  • Then, they are turned on.
  • The clouds are blown away! Whoosh! And, then comes the Sun, walking proudly out of the curtains that held him in its confines.
Features of Google wind
  • It’ll drive away the grey clouds – first and foremost.
  • If regulated correctly, they can make it rain wherever required instead of everywhere.
  • The time and duration of rainfall can be controlled too!

“With Google Wind, we guarantee you clear

skies any season, starting, April 1!”

Click the video below and be prepared to be “Blown Away!

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The Bottom Line

Any sane person, after watching the video, would surely know at once that its just an ‘imaginary‘ concept.

An April Fool’s Day prank played by Google really blew everyone’s minds away!

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