What Is A Goddess Party: A Guide To Celebrate Womanhood

What is a Goddess party?
What is a Goddess party?

Heard of this new term and wondering what is a goddess party?

Ever heard your friends call you a Goddess? Well, they were not lying. All the women on this earth are the true embodiment of Goddesses. In other words, each and every woman is phenomenal. And this womanhood most certainly needs to be celebrated with every woman we know and love, hence the goddess party.

How can we celebrate womanhood?

There are so many ways to celebrate womanhood. However, there is a relatively new concept that beats everything else. That is to say, we can throw a Goddess Party to the women we know and love.

What is a Goddess Party?

A Goddess Party is a gathering of all the Goddesses in our life to celebrate their core womanhood. In essence, this is a celebratory party to give recognition to all the females in our lives.

Above all, the heart theme of this party is the female member of the society and her feminine existence. Ultimately, this is to remind these women of their uniqueness and treat them like the Goddess that they are.

What can we do in a Goddess Party?

There are a number of ways to celebrate the women in our life. Given below are a few of them:

  • Giving her a nice and relaxing massage
  • Nourishing the amazing body with a steaming sauna bath
  • Taking her out on a spa-day
  • Baking for each other
  • Cooking for each other
  • Reading together
  • Sharing life stories with each other
  • Getting to know each other better while giving a nice champi
  • Pampering the ladies and treating them with their favourite snacks
  • Providing an empathetic ear
  • Being there with her to comfort her
  • Taking her out to an amusement park
  • Going on a tickling scooty ride
  • Driving her through beautiful roads and blasting her favourite music in the car
  • Taking a stroll bare-footed in the lap of Mother Nature
  • Going for a nice swim together
  • Spending a day by the sea-side reading book or playing volleyball
  • Mountain climbing and hiking hills
  • Healing via the power of music
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Singing and dancing together leaving behind all the worries of life
  • Writing 5 things you both like about each other
  • Going shopping together
  • Getting really drunk and just staying in the moment
  • Having a calming session of Yoga and Meditation
  • Going to a Karaoke bar
  • Wearing vintage dresses and going to a ball
  • Taking her out on a date
  • Sitting in a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine
  • Writing poems for each other
  • Writing a song for each other
  • Going out for a movie
  • Playing childhood games
  • Dining at a fancy restaurant
  • Taking her to a museum or any historical site or any tourist attraction in your area
  • Dressing up in sexy lingerie to celebrate the woman body
  • Arranging a photo-shoot entirely focusing the woman you adore
  • Helping her get nice 4 hours of sleep
  • Buying her favourite things unexpectedly
  • Putting on makeup and feeling good

When can we have a Goddess Party?

There are a number of occasions that can certainly be turned into a Goddess Party:

1. Birthdays

goddess party - birthday party

What better day to celebrate than the day of our birth, right? So, let’s change the custom where we invited a number of unknown people just to have a dope birthday party. Instead, let’s just invite those whom we love and care about. In addition to that, let us make it a day to think about the events of the past year. In conclusion, this day deserves to be the one where we get together with those who care about us.

2. Marriage Anniversaries

Anniversaries certainly involve two people. However, it is also a celebration of a young girl who left behind her old life to embrace a new one. As a result, she is a different lady now. And that lady needs to be celebrated.

3. Birthdays of kids

motherhood party

Upon the event of a kid’s birthday, we often tend to forget that this day two people took birth – the kid and the kid’s mother. Most importantly, that day, a mother was born. And that motherhood deserves to be celebrated.

4. Graduation

A Graduation seems to be such a basic event, doesn’t it? Certainly, anyone can do that. But it is a special event in a student’s life. And it is important to express the feeling of pride towards your daughter. From Kindergarten to Graduation, she has travelled a journey filled with a mixed bag of emotions. And now she deserves to be treated like a Goddess on this day.

5. Marriage Proposal

When our girlfriends get proposed for marriage, it is our responsibility as girls to be with them and assure them that we will be there with them. Further, this is going to be a steep slope. Most importantly, she is taking a step ahead in life. And we have no reason to take this new step ahead without a party.

6. Bachelorette

Bachelorette party brooklyn 99

Why does a Bachelorette party always have to be an event where the bride-to-be gets to do all she wants before getting married? This, in fact, indicates that her freedom will be snatched upon marriage. She is flying off to a new place and this day should be marked as a day to look back and smile. In addition, the bride-to-be should be able to think about this day spent with her loved ones filled with warmth and comfort.

7. Wedding

From Miss to Mrs, a girl leaves behind so much. This tying of knot is between two people. But who says that the bride should not get special attention? Most importantly, it’s her day. And after that, she is going to start her own family. She’ll be a wife, a mother, a whole different lady. And this wedding day should be her day in every aspect.

8. Divorce

goddess party - divorce

Yes, we are also going to celebrate a divorce. This completely independent lady has taken her own decision to end a marriage and we respect and support her decision. In other words, she is a strong woman and we will be by her side for as long as she needs us.

9. Getting a Job

All those hard work has finally paid off. Our girl has got a job now. Now, she’ll be working and earning. In other words, she is an independent woman now and she deserves a party in her name.

10. Promotion

Happy High Protein GIF by think!

Working day and night, the girl has finally received a promotion. Therefore, this definitely calls for a celebration for so many reasons. And now, she is growing and blooming.

11. For no real reason

We do not always need a reason to celebrate the women in our lives. Sometimes, we just shower our love without any reason. And this exchange of warmth and love promotes womanhood. Subsequently, this brings us closer to the ones we love.

women for women

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman supporting another woman. In addition to that, this earth won’t survive a single day without the power of women.

Each and every lady most certainly is a Goddess of her own creation. Also, it is important that they remember their worth and love themselves before loving someone else.

In addition to that, every woman must learn to appreciate other women’s beauty without forgetting about her own. And at last, with constant mutual support and display of affection, we all can make this world a better place for women to live in.

No since you know what is a goddess party, go ahead, and organize one.

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