7 Gift Ideas To Win The Love Of Your Life

gift ideas to win the love

Anniversaries, birthdays, first date, graduation day and so on. There are a few days in our lives which are memorable. In pursuit of making these days unforgettable, we try to please our loved ones by giving them gifts. A gift is not just a “thing”; it holds the feelings of gratitude and love of the giver towards the receiver. It is packed with memories that are immeasurable with any number of pennies.

Yet, at one point, you rush into a state of frenzy. Especially when that special date is approaching you at full throttle. What gift should I buy? A wallet? I purchased the same for his birthday! A shirt? If I book it online now, will I receive it by tomorrow? There’s no time to go shopping too! Have you ever had these thoughts?

That state of rush hour when you desperately need to buy a gift yet the current online services are unable to provide you with one-day delivery? Then, this article is for you! Indiagift provides you a wide range of gifts at reasonable prices and the perks?

  • One day delivery
  • Midnight delivery
  • Personalized gifts for various occasions that also include festivals
  • Gift combos
  • Cakes, Flowers and much more

Stuck for ideas? Here are a few gift ideas to win the love of your life and paste a beaming smile on their faces!

1. Explosion Box

Personalized mugs and pillows are totally turning repetitive. It’s entirely because most of us are still unaware of the wide range of gifts that are listed under personalized section. Apart from photo frames, glass embossing, photo key-chains, mugs and pillows, here is another idea – Handmade Explosion Box. If you haven’t got the time in your busy schedule, you can always order one and explode your loved ones with a big surprise!

Explosion Box
  • Personalized messages
  • Photos of you and your loved one
  • Suited for wedding anniversaries and birthdays
  • Not just an antique piec

2. Personalized Monogram Towel Set

Have you ever felt that gifts are not for decoration but usage? When you see your loved ones using the items you gave, on a daily basis, have you felt that deep satisfaction? The smile they will put on while using that present you gifted them is certainly alluring, even in thoughts, isn’t it? Then, this is for you! A personalized monogram towel set where initials of the couple are etched into fluffy turkey towels.

Personalized monogram towel set

You can gift it to your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents or any other couple who is celebrating their wedding anniversary. These will be more than just decorative items.

3. Dhokra Art Trinket Box

Dhokra Art is very famous for its intricate metal casting designs. Often, we find various antique pieces with a placard – Dhokra Art. A trinket box is useful for both men and women. Men can put their stationery items on an office table and women can use it as a jewelry box. It’s artistic with an ancient touch yet it still looks modern to others.

Dhokra Art Trinket box

Gift it to your boyfriend/husband with love messages on small colored rolled sheets of paper. Or, to your sister or mother and find them using it for daily purposes of rubber bands, clips and more.

4. Cakes

If you are staying far away from your loved ones, don’t worry. You really want them to cut a cake sent by you as you watch them through a Skype call or a WhatsApp video call? Indiagift provides you with wide varieties of cakes with exotic flavors and designs!

Chocolate truffle cake
  • Cake delivery to 1000+ cities in India
  • Exotic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, death by chocolate, blueberry cheese cake, chocolate mousse cake, dry fruit cakes, etc.
  • One day delivery and special midnight surprise delivery with candles to blow, balloons and singing!
Types of cakes available as a gift:
  • Themed cakes – cartoon characters and movie characters are printed on cakes
Click the image to know more
  • Personalized photo cakes for couples, friends and all your loved ones

  • Cup cakes.
Click the image to view cupcake details

5. When words aren’t just enough – Mood Gifts!

Did you make your girlfriend or wife angry? Women easily tend to go all moody over their partners. You can always say sorry but sometimes, words aren’t just enough when your fight with him/her is a big one. Then, you’ll definitely need to woo them back with a gift that resonates how deeply you regret your actions. It’ll definitely send them back into your arms and wouldn’t you like that?

Indiagift provides you with Mood gifts like –

  • Love you
The Names can be entered on the website page
  • Sorry

Hurt them bad? Words can only go so far. Perk up your sincere apologies with these Sorry gifts.

There is a provision of including the sender’s name.

Go get back their heart again!

  • Missing you

These days demand versatility from every person, irrespective of their gender. You need to go to places in the name of work. And, you’ll feel so lonely returning to your dark apartment with no one to welcome you. Connect with the ones you gravely miss by sending them these gifts.

6. Personalized Lamps

It is not the outer shine but the inner glow that matters. Instead of personalized glass embossing that’ll just be a showpiece, you can always opt for a lamp! These lamps will adorn the photos you choose and they’ll glow low. It can be effectively used as a bed lamp and every night before you lay down beside the one you love, you can see them smiling at that lamp. It’s more than just the uplift of their lips – their eyes will be smiling too! As cliché as it sounds, you’ll find it pleasing through experience.

Personalized lamps are occasional and can also be gifted to your mom for Mothers’ Day, dad for Fathers’ day or you can use it as a shared piece in your and your sibling’s room.

7. Combo Gifts

Why gift one present when your feelings are abundant? Send flowers – every flower, their color, and type have a special meaning. Red is for love, yellow is for friendship and white for good luck. In combination, you can send a personalized chocolate that’s made from the finest cocoa beans! Or a soft toy like a cute teddy or a tweety!

Here is an example for you – a combo of broken heart key-chain and Ferrero Rocher chocolate box. The broken heart key-chain, as quoted by Indiagift, symbolizes the meet of two half hearts into a single one when they meet.

There are many combos with flowers and 3-in-1 combos too available at Indiagifts.

You can check out all the above gifts on Indiagift at super reasonable prices.

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