Not So Cliché Gift Ideas For Valentine Week That Don’t Make Mommy Suspicious

Yeah, no matter how much you avoid, there is no getting away from the fact that February is, indeed, the month of love. It’s all over the place man! Special Valentine’s Day offers on online sites, huge teddy bears, cards and other cutesy things stocked up in stores, special discounts in restaurants, the unbelievable price hike in roses – you name it! And amidst all things red, there swoons in the age old problem of giving and accepting presents. Why you ask? Because you don’t want your desi mom to get all suspicious and perform chappal pooja on you. Geddit? Geddit? *wink* Are you also looking for Not So Cliché, unique gift Ideas For Valentine Week?

That’s when I come to your rescue. This list contains gift ideas for valentine week you can give to your special one, or accept without mommy dancing all over your head – ‘Tera kisi ke sath kuch chal raha hai na?’

1. Posters

Gift ideas for valentine week

It might be their favourite cartoon, superhero or a character from the TV show they keep on binge-watching, repeatedly. You can either give a wall poster, or simply – a hanging one. Not only is the idea budget friendly, they can go on and tell their mum they bought it for themselves.

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2. Wallet/Purse

Old or young, girl or boy – everyone needs to handle all that money (Just kidding. We are always broke af!) and it’s good to have a wallet. And the little thing practically remains unnoticed, so bye-bye worries.
Gift ideas for valentine week

3. Gift cards

This one solves the most crucial problem – ‘Kya doon? Mujhe to kuch samajh hi nhi aa raha!’ Just get them a gift card from their favourite store – clothing, accessories or whatever. They will buy something they like. They can even bring their mom to the store because nothing makes desi moms happier than a discount (not kidding!).
Gift ideas for valentine week

4. Grooming session vouchers

Like body and hair spa, oil massages, grooming parlours. And this one comes even for couples, so you can enjoy a nice relaxed day with each other sans worries. Also, your other half is going to love you even more for this thoughtful gift. Just saying!
Gift ideas for valentine week

5. Phone Case

Again, you can get these personalized – but try not making it cutesy. You can go for their favourite picture of yours, a quote they live by, a thing they love to do or a picture of their pet. This is a great valentine gift that is sure to make them happy and also keep their other love (read phone) safe.
Gift ideas for valentine week

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I hope these gift ideas for valentine week will keep the smiles intact on your lover’s face, as well as on Mataji’s. A Win-Win situation. Also, may the love always remain in your hearts and lives. 🙂