Ghost Theory And Stories To Spook You

ghost stories

When we talk about “ghosts”, a certain tremor runs through our bodies – be it of utter fear or of pure fascination. Have any of us seen a ghost? Do they exist? If they do, are they invisible? Right now, is a ghost behind you as you are reading this? Keep reading for Ghost stories and theories that will frighten you for sure.

So many questions have remained unanswered since ages.

To fear is to be struck by an animal named Sleep

People wanted to make peace with the existence of an emotion known as “FEAR”. At first, they blamed “Sleep”. Sleeping was considered to be an animal that strikes silently when the Darkness fell upon Earth. There were times when people ‘hunted’ sleep and ended up sleeping only to ‘realize’ in the morning that the animal (sleep) saved itself yet again.

When scientists explained that sleeping is a natural phenomenon, just like breathing, the dumb-witted people gradually accepted that sleep is no animal. It was merely a state of rest or exhaustion that a human body craves, apart from respiration and food.

To fear is the absence of soul or spirit in body

The itch to ‘magnify’ the term ‘fear’ never left. Then came the concept of “Ghosts”. Humans hypnotized themselves into believing in the existence of “souls” and “spirits” and “afterlife”.

Bodies have no feelings, only souls do – This was the concept developed. To give an example that we still believe soulless creatures are un-empathetic, you have Sam Winchester of Season 6, from the TV Show “Supernatural”.

ghost stories

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To fear is to believe that ghosts exist

It’s ironic, how after every scientific explanation, we still find ways to link Sleep and Soullessness with ghosts.

1. Ghost under my bed, Mama!

After getting onto the bed, some people are afraid to step down. They believe that some kind of “invisible during the day yet visible during the night” kind of animal, more precisely, a ghost, would pull them under the bed.

ghost stories

2. Don’t sleep flat, the ghost will strangle you!

I’ve heard these ghost stories many times and there were days when I believed it to be true. I used to sleep sideways due to fear. Movies have that kind of effect, believe me. We believe what we see. We protect what we believe.

ghost stories

3. The Darkness is an abode of ghosts!

If the existence of ghosts is real, they should exist during the day too. Why do ghost stories only link them to-night? Is it because night is more silent than the day? Is it because the most creepy sounds are heard only during the night? Or, is it because the Darkness has no light to put a veil over the Devils?

ghost stories

4. Ghosts are women in white!

In any of the Ghost Stories, It’s rare to encounter male ghosts, according to any legend. Any horror film, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood or Kollywood, ghosts are “white” beings with long hair and extra-long nails. Oh! They wear anklets too – in Indian movies. And, they sing melancholic songs! Man, they would be the next Lata Mangeshkar if not for being dead.

ghost stories

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5. Possession of a human body

This is a common phenomenon where we hear stories of “possession”. But, really? Ghost is just a ‘spirit’ which doesn’t have a body. Where does the heck our soul go to if we really are possessed by a ghost? Will our soul, having nobody to reside in, become another ghost? Will we be able to live both as a ghost and human at once? That’s goddamn hilarious!

6. Ghost travel as shadows without the need of tickets

A convenient way to move from place to place, don’t you think? Imagine a ghost springing out of the shadows in broad daylight… Shadows exist only during the day, right? Won’t it contradict our belief in ghosts living only during the night? Bingo!

ghost stories

7. Are ghosts single? Are ghosts not afraid?

This is my personal doubt, really. Ghosts were once human, right? And, spirits are said to be purer than bodies. They carry the feelings of hatred, revenge, and anger but not of happiness or love. Is it only a half-way ticket for feelings from the human realm to the spiritual realm? I wonder!

8. Haunted houses are creepy and funny according to ghost stories

Old battered and unused houses are believed to be haunted. Even almost all the ghost movies feature abandoned houses in uninhabited places and there’s always a graveyard to include. If ghosts only haunt such houses, why would we see them in our house? Why do we fear their existence in our own home which isn’t old and shattered?

ghost stories

If we are to pin-prick, there would be many points that contradict the existence of ghosts. We are the creators and we are the ones terrified of our own creations.

Ghost stories to have fun with

We’ve collected a few short ghost stories from the net which might send chills running down your spine! Enjoy!

ghost stories

ghost stories

ghost stories

ghost stories

ghost stories

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We hope you were terrified or had a nice laugh after reading these stories. Oh! We forgot to mention a tiny thing.

You did look around now after these Ghost Stories, didn’t you? Do share your views in the comments below!