10 Gestures To Slay Your 21 With Attitude

Remember the day when you wanted to remove those tags of “you’re just 12 or 16 or 18” And then you turn 21. And still, the line remains the same. Except for it’s you saying it for yourself.

How much positive and balance attitude we hold just to claim the fact (to we don’t know who) that we are 21.

And the little things we add to our life that certainly specifies our “being 21 attitude”.

1. Mood swings


Nothing..bas yunhin”

Have you ever told this to yourself or mostly to everyone around you at any time. Out of no reasons. And when asked for the reason you would just turn into the hulk.

You are not sick. Relax, you’re 21!

2. Love your neighbour as yourself


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Do you really love your neighbours? Or you say,” Ab ye kyu aa Gaye?”

The relatives and the neighbours, no one is as punctual as they are. Especially when it’s your result day or you’re at your 20s.

And you tend to notice them more, when you’re graduated or almost getting graduated i.e. you’re 21.

3. Midnight Calls

Bhook lag Rahi hai” or “Neend Nahi aa Rahi

If you think you’re a foodie or carry the tag of sleeping beauty wait till you get 21.

The hunger games can start at any time during the night and the sleep will never get deprived when the sun’s up.

4. Self claim

“I think I’m a grown-up”

Who are you reminding this to? At 21 even Government states you grown up, then why do you yell around with these phrases? Because you’re 21.

5. Unreasonable

Just simply sitting.

You suddenly consider yourself jobless. When the whole universe around you is offering some sort of job. For e.g mom needs some dishwasher in the kitchen.

But then even when you’re tired, you would reply “simply sitting.”

6. Positivity at the peak


“I’m doing good”

Really? You are 21. You just can’t do really good. But you must say this “I’m doing good.

Check the social media and your social account for the proper description of “I’m doing really good.”

7. Instagram posts rate

Yeah, social media is hiked up. But the rates of your Instagram updates hike up when you’re 21.

8. Facebook tags

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Why do you use facebook? Chat? or Notification check? or Birthday updates?

If you have started using the tagging tool of facebook very often, remind yourself, you’re 21.

9. Celebrating 21

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You’re high with career and life. Hectic when you define but the celebration does include the legal permission of being alcoholic or be the party animal.

The 21-year-old definition for legal.

10. Notice!

Don’t you feel you notice things more than you ever did? Be it weight or height or complexion or people. Basically people, and you notice them with the intention of – if they are noticing you or not.

Relax! Chill!

You are 21 and that really sucks at times to hear it. But we still have our ancestral line that saves the suck-fuck feel.

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Do you think the same about being 21? Do let us know in the comment section below!