14 General Things We Experience During Summer

Can you feel the hot breeze? Have you noticed the Sun rising a couple of minutes earlier than before? Yes, dudes – Summer is at our doors! Working a sweat though we aren’t walking fast; the itchiness when we wear heavy clothes; the smell of sweat everywhere, Summer is finally here to irritate us. Irritate, really? I don’t think so! ‘Coz, with Summer, come holidays! Unless you’re a working adult.

It’s a season where people get together and closer in the name of camps. Children from different schools assemble at one place. Though the roads are hot and burn our bare feet, we still go running around with our playmates; irrespective of the blazing heat. Summer is a well for creating new friends and strengthening our bonds with old friends.

Apart from friends, here’s a list of “things” every Summer generally possesses.

1. Marriages

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Since my childhood, I’ve always attended 3-4 marriages in Summer. Don’t know why the so-called “Shubh muhurat” (Auspicious Time) falls in May. I couldn’t wait to take that heavy work dress off!

Marriages in summer are like – “Sweat inside and Smile outside!

2. Bills and more bills

Us in Summer, haha!

If it’s Summer, then the Air Cooler stays on for 24 hours, every day, all week, till Summer says, “See you again!” The issue here lies with that one day of the month when the electricity bill arrives at our doorstep. And, I don’t think I need to mention the scoldings that follow.

All day AC! Who do you think is paying the bill? Do you think you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth?!

3. Still, when there is a power cut

I don’t know much about other states but where I stay, there’s always 3 to 6 hours of power cut during Summer; especially in May. It’s horrible, the lack of AC or at least a fan. Now, there is an inverter in almost all the houses but in the past, it was always about the natural air during a power cut.

When there’s a power cut, the Summer breeze comes to our aid.

4. Yay, Picnics!

Summer is an abode for picnics. Go to any park, you’ll find so many families relaxing on the green wet grass with a picnic bag to cater their needs. Weekly once, if possible, twice, families go on a picnic, uncaring about the Sun’s scorching glare.

5. Let’s not forget the Summer Rain

We’ve all learned the processes of Evaporation and Condensation, haven’t we? Higher the heat, higher the chances of a downpour. It often rains when Summer is dangerously hot. Rain in Summer can best be explained by Longfellow’s poem. Do give a read if you haven’t!

Sun and Rain together; a Rainbow shall appear!

6. Beaches are natural ACs

Imagine taking a dip in that cold water as the Sun’s scalding rays beat down on us. Heaven, right? The water sloshing about, soothing our lightly sun-burnt skin; the salty breeze of ocean filling our lungs and cooling us from the inside; beaches surely are fun!

On the beach, you float; under the Sun’s coat.

7. Time for a chilled Rasna/Tea/Ice-cream

Summer is incomplete without energy drinks like Rasna or Ice Tea. Rasna used to be so famous, along with other drinks like Roohafza. Do you remember them, guys? Now we prefer ice-creams though.

8. 2 to 3 baths a day

It is so nice to stay under shower all Summer. Wake up – bath. Work/Play and come home – bath. Before sleeping – bath. Summer is not complete without bathing to get all that sweat and grime off.

9. Summer is a Movie Plaza

Instead of soap operas running all day, in Summer, movies are given importance. I stay stuck on the TV during May ‘coz every day, I get to watch a movie instead of those meaningless soap operas! What about you?

10. Nimbu Pani peena, beta

I don’t know how many of you get to hear this sentence but I sure do! My grandmother stuffs a bottle of lemon juice into my backpack before I step outside and asks me to drink it without fail. Apparently, Lemon juice cools our insides and protects us from falling prey to a heatstroke/sunstroke.

11. Only “Shorts” and “Sleeves”

Due to excessive heat and humidity, it becomes unbearable to wear clothes that cover us from neck to ankles. That outfit would be great if it were Winter. But, it’ll only be shorts and sleeves in Summer!

The less to wear, the more comfortable.

12. Why does my skin tan this much? Ugh!

Let’s face it! We’re afraid of Summer majorly because of a demon, known as, ‘Tan’. Our brown skins turn darker. We’re always particular about skin and its colour. But, Summer pours water on all our practices by just making our skin dark.

13. Lotions, powders, and face washes with cooling formula

We make sure to buy only those cosmetic products that contain an “Ice formula” in them. Remember Boroplus, Dermicool, Nycil? Yep, don’t worry, we’ll see them again on our dressing table this summer.

14. Lastly, the King of Summer – Mangoes!

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Mangoes are available in plenty during Summer. Green mango slices marinated in a bit of lemon juice sprinkled with salt and red chilli powder. Man, that tastes amazingly delicious! Also, the sweet taste of yellow mangoes! Can’t wait for Summer now, can we?

Summer season; Mango season!

How are your Summers? Share your Summer experiences with us in the comments below! Tag your friends and spread the love of mangoes!