Gandalf And Dumbledore Similarities – How Similar Are They?

For the first time, when I watched The Hobbit after I watched Harry Potter, I truly believed that Gandalf was another version of Dumbledore. Like, I felt that the dead Dumbledore in ‘Half-blood prince’ rose to life in ‘An unexpected journey’!

dumbledore and gandalf comparison

For a moment, let’s imagine ourselves – you and I, in a room. If a situation arises, such as, ‘Those who are fans of Harry Potter and The Hobbit, please put your hands up in the air,’ I’m sure that almost 99.99% of the room would be seen with raised hands.

Harry Potter and The Hobbit and the two biggest fandoms in our world of fantasies.

Irrespective of the order we’ve seen them in, we will surely find a handful of similarities between the story-lines and characters of these two fandoms. For the first time, when I watched The Hobbit after I watched Harry Potter,

I truly believed that Gandalf was another version of Dumbledore. Like, I felt that the dead Dumbledore in ‘Half-blood prince’ rose to life in ‘An unexpected journey’!

Have YOU felt so? Strike a bell, readers?

Let’s compare and see Gandalf and Dumbledore similarities

1. First things first – Gandalf and Dumbledore look the same!

gandalf vs dumbledore

Before watching ‘The Hobbit’, I read the book and you know what? Even while reading the book, I imagined Dumbledore in Gandalf’s character, given the description of his character and actions. Imagine my shock or surprise or whatever you would like to call it, when I actually saw Gandalf on my laptop’s screen! “This guy surely must be Albus. If he isn’t, then the actor who played Dumbledore must’ve played Gandalf’s character too,” was my first thought. Later, I found out through Google that the actor who played Dumbledore was the one who enacted Gandalf’s role.

2. What’s the color of ‘Good’? White, right? They are white wizards, if you get what I mean

Though in the movie, Gandalf was a ‘Grey’ wizard and not a white wizard, he was a supporter of the good. Just like Dumbledore, who was on the good side. Besides, both are/were wizards! They perform magic like it’s the easiest thing on this Earth.

dumbledore quotes

3.They’re not just wizards but are the most powerful wizards

Anyone can be a wizard, if you possess just the skills for it. But not everyone can be a powerful wizard and a liked one at that. You remember the scene in ‘Order of Phoenix’ when Dumbledore fights Voldemort? It was amazing, wasn’t it? I was amazed, just the same, when I saw the sequence of Gandalf fighting the Necromancer. Damn, I love those scenes! How about you?

gandalf fighting the Necromancer

4. Talk about dressing sense, Gandalf’s and Dumbledore’s robes are the same!

Did the movie makers really try to impersonate Dumbledore as Gandalf? I really don’t know but talk about their robes! The same greyish blue! They might’ve been blood brothers if their fandoms were the same. Hilarious, ain’t it?

5. Beards and voices too…

Dumbledore’s white beard looked like a bird nest turned colorless. In ‘The Hobbit’, we can see Gandalf with a similar beard too. At first glance, we might’ve thought – ‘Hey! That’s Dumbledore’s beard from Harry Potter!” Then when Gandalf spoke, another parallel thought would occupy our minds – “Is it just me who thinks Gandalf’s voice is the same as Dumbledore’s?”

“How can a person be in two places at the same time?” You’ll certainly think so if you play harry Potter and The Hobbit at the same time.

6. Ever wonder how both of them know EVERYTHING?

That little shiny twinkle in Dumbledore’s eyes, remember it? It’s like he knows everything. Even the darkest secrets of a person. He speaks as if he is knowledgeable about anything and it is true too! Even Gandalf is the same. Remember how he shows up in the toughest moments like he surely knows it would happen? He predicted that our dear Bilbo Baggins would be the finest burglar and he was just that! I wouldn’t say it was a prediction because Gandalf did know the Hobbit’s true character.

dumbledore wink gif

7. They recruited a person for their cause

Suffice to say that Dumbledore recruited Harry Potter and his friends and Gandalf recruited the Dwarves and Bilbo. Though their intentions might be the only difference here, the process was the same.

These were some of the similarities we found among Dumbledore and Gandalf, do you have more? Let us know in the comments below.

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…on my way to watch Harry Potter and The Hobbit for the umptieth time.

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