20 Games To Play Over Video Conference

Games to play over video conference
Games to play over video conference

Just like Cousin Ambrose, we all are under house arrest right now. Even though we hate to admit, we are missing those miscreants we call friends. In the past month, we have already gone through all the mainstream activities. We have taken the quiz to see how much we know our friends, asked them everything, filled all digital slam books, accepted every Whatsapp challenge, and cast our vote to every Instagram story. What else is new? Online Housie? “Been there, done that.” Video calls? “We do that every single day!” How about Games To Play Over Video Conference with our friends? I got you. Didn’t I?

So, what are the games that we can play over video conference? Enumerated below are a few options:

Games to Play Over Video Conference

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Games To Play Over Video Conference

Starting with the very basic one, the first game that we can play is Name, Place, Animal, and Thing.

Remember how we used to sit with pen and paper, making four columns? We can do the same while talking to our friends over a video conference.

We all can keep a pen and a paper ready with four columns drawn on it. Then, we all agree upon an alphabet (say E). After that, we all write Name, Place, Animal, and Thing starting with the letter E.

The person having all the four categories different from everyone else gets full 40 points. If two or more people write the same name (say, Elijah) or any other category (say Egypt or Elephant or Egg), they lose points for that particular category.


Games To Play Over Video Conference

Want to get ‘em talking truth? Want to see them doing weird shite?

Well, play Truth/Dare! You can ask any question you want. You can watch them flip that bottle or do 20 squats.

This is like a free ticket in the form of a fun game. Nobody will get offended if you ask them if they ever stole a spoon cause “It’s just a game”.


homer simpson book GIF

This is a good time to see how much we know about our surroundings. This is a very simple game. One person makes a factual statement.

The remaining participants yell True or False. The ones with the correct answer gain a point.

For example, I say, “Sun rises in the East.” The ones saying “True” will get a point and the remaining people get nothing.


Season 3 Episode 21 GIF by Friends

In this game, we ask a participant a question which they can only answer with Yes or No.

Now, it can be as simple as “Are you an Indian citizen?” or a bit twisted like “Do you have a crush on your friend’s girlfriend?”

Never Have I Ever

Games To Play Over Video Conference

This is a fun drinking game. Drinking orange juice and yoo-hoo! One participant starts with something they have done.

For example, “Never have I ever been arrested.” Now, among the rest of the participants, the one who has been arrested takes a sip. Things can be spiced up by using Bitter gourd juice.

This way, we play an interesting game, get to know each other, and stay healthy at the same time. Just kidding, take out your favorite booze, you deserve a good high with friends.

What If

what if thinking GIF by Mackenzie Ziegler

This is a situational game where we give our friends a situation.

Suppose, “What if you open your favourite book and land into that book’s world?” Then, the participants answer what they would do in such a situation.

This improves imagination skills, creativity, and the art of expression through words. It’s a decent game with a touch of communication practice.

Would You Rather

Games To Play Over Video Conference

In this game, the participants face a choice between two options. They must choose between the given two options.

Would you rather die instantly or live for the next 1000 years? Would you rather be married to a very wealthy person but have no love or be married to a financially challenged person with abundant love?

Questions like these are thought-provoking and they help us find out what we would do when putting in difficult situations.

These also help the players understand each other better.

This or That

Pondering Which One GIF by Tkay Maidza

Similar to “Would you rather”, this game places two options in front of the players. However, these options are shorter and rather quick. Kind of like a rapid-fire round.

Books or Movies

Tea or Coffee

Mountains or Beaches

Cakes or Ice-cream

Elijah or Niklaus (wink, wink)

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Games To Play Over Video Conference

We have been playing this since we were kids. We can easily play this over video conferencing.

The rules are pretty simple.

3 parties play this game.

Each one of them shows the sign of either Rock, or Paper, or Scissor at the same time.

For showing rock, we form a fist.

To show paper, we show a plain open palm.

For showing scissors, we use the peace sign.

Rock beats Scissors. Scissors beat Paper. Paper beats Rock.


Games To Play Over Video Conference

As the name suggests, we draw a picture as close as the name of the movie given. Suppose one person draws round glasses and a broomstick.

Another person guesses Harry Potter. The latter gets a point (100 points to Gryffindor!)

The first person to guess the movie gets the points.

Dumb Charades

Games To Play Over Video Conference

We act in a way that the other participants can guess the name of the movie from our acting.

In charades, we can hint at anything. We can act, we can dance.

The only thing that we can’t do is SPEAK. And that’s why- Dumb Charades. Again, the first one to guess gets a point.

Read My Lips

Games To Play Over Video Conference

We move our lips in a way that it forms a word or a sentence. However, we cannot speak (or just mute that zoom call).

The other people have to read the lips and guess the word or sentence we tried to form. Winner takes it all.


Games To Play Over Video Conference

We have one Killer and one Detective. The killer is supposed to look at everyone and try to wink.

If someone sees the killer wink, they die. If the detective catches the killer wink, the killer dies.

It is the detective’s job to find the killer. A bit obvious, isn’t it?


word up GIF by Tiffany

True to its name, this game is all about creating word-links. We select a category (Say, places).

Someone starts with a place (Say, New Orleans). Now, the next person says the name of the place that starts with the last letter of the last said place. In this case, S.

So, the next person says Scotland. Now, the third person says Delhi. Then Inverness then so on.

This way, we learn the names of new places and exercise our brains with quick thinking.

Name 5

Here, we simply name 5 of whatever asked.

It could be 5 names of countries, flowers, animals, fruits, veggies, GOT swords, witchy spells, Mikaelson brothers, Presidents, celebrities of 2020.

Trivia Game

Games To Play Over Video Conference

Like the game show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’? Well, play it away. Instead of asking questions from one person, involve all the participants.

The first one to answer wins it all. It’s time to brush up on some general knowledge.

If you’re in a charitable mood, feel free to Paytm the cash prize to the winner. Well, not 7 Crores. But maybe 10 bucks?

Repeat the Sentence

i cant hear basketball wives GIF by VH1

Remember Chinese Whispers? This is similar to that game. Here, we polish our memorising skills.

Suppose player 1 says “My name is”

Now, player 2 repeats what player 1 said and adds their own words. This makes it, “My name is Sabrina Spellman”

Now, player 3 repeats what player 2 said and adds their own words. This becomes, “My name is Sabrina Spellman and I will not”

Player 4 finishes the sentence with, “My name is Sabrina Spellman and I will not sign it away”

The one to miss a word loses. Let’s sharpen those nerve cells.

Skip the Number

Calculate Figure It Out GIF by Originals

The name says it all. Everyone says numbers one by one. However, here’s the catch.

Let’s say we decide to skin all the multiples of 3. So, player 1 says 1. Player 2 says to. But player 3 says 4. Ones to forget get discarded from the game.

Math Calculations

confused rooster teeth GIF by Achievement Hunter

It’s time to go a bit old-school. Ok, Boomer!

Who doesn’t like a little bit of mind-boggling every now and then? Ask quick Math questions.

What’s 2+2?

Can you divide 25 by 5?

What’s the square root of 144?

What’s a square of 19?

Solve 24 + (40-20)

Go sharpen your mind with your friends.

I know, hardly 2-3 people are actually going to play this hideous game. It’s Mathematics. Ugh! Cringe level – 1000

Good Quality-Bad Quality

Ruben Rabasa No GIF by The Lonely Island

In this game, everyone says 3 things they like about others and 3 things they feel that the others could improve.

I know other people’s opinion doesn’t really matter. But they’re our friends. They know parts of us that even our parents and even we don’t know. This might create huge havoc.

But this might also help us understand each other better. We can know what they think about us.

They can know how we feel about them. It’s an even exchange. Try not to be hurtful, though. That’s the key.

Address the Issue

the simpsons GIF

This is a pretend game where players build a situation (Preferably, a criminal one).

Now, they keep the issue in front of the appointed judge. The judge analyses the issue and declares an order.

These are for the geeks aspiring to be Detectives and Lawyers.

Alternatively, the judge can also solve an actual ongoing issue between two friends.

Find Me Something

happy youtube GIF by Rosanna Pansino

Kind of like a treasure hunt, a player is asked to find an object from their house within a decided period of time. Upon failure to produce the object, the player who gives the task to find the object wins points.

Hindi Song in English

Student Of The Year Bollywood GIF

The lyrics of Hindi songs will be translated in English and everyone has to guess the actual Hindi song. Seems easy but isn’t quite. We know the rules. The first one to guess gets the points.

For example – Translate “Just like the need to breathe, just like the need to breathe. For your life, all you need is a darling to love.”

That’s right. Keep scratching your head.

Which Song Am I Humming

happy bart simpson GIF

The name itself describes the whole game. You just gotta hum a song, mate! Your fellow players guess the song you are humming. The first one to guess is the winner winner, chicken dinner.

Guess the Movie from the Dialogue

Mark Ruffalo Film GIF

Another idea for Games To Play Over Video Conference, say a dialogue from a movie and let those crackheads guess the name of the movie.

I’m not even going to repeat what happens to the first one to guess.

“The things you own end up owning you.”

Guess the movie, you little elves!!

Guess the Movie from Song

homer simpson singing GIF

Sing a song and the other players will guess the movie.

Guess the Character from Acting

shah rukh khan flirting GIF

Pick up your favourite character. Bow down a little. Jump here and there. Open a book. Pull out a sock. Jump with happiness. If they don’t recognize this movie, get into the phone and hit them with the same sock.

You got the idea. Act like a character and your friends will guess the character and the movie it’s from.

Which Book is this Line from?

book GIF

Now, my boomers, my geeks, my nerds, gather ‘round. I’ve got something in store for y’all, too. Did you really think I’d forget our lifeline – Books?! No, hon! As the name suggests, pick your favourite line and let those knuckleheads guess the book.

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

Well, since you have stayed with us so far till the end, that song was,

“Saanson ki zaroorat hai jaise, saason ki zaroorat hai jaise, Zindagi ke liye. Bas ek sanam chaahiye, Aashiqui ke liye.”

Go ahead with these Games To Play Over Video Conference. Play all your worries away with your friends. Also, make sure to live each and every single moment while you’re at it.

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