If You’re On Twitter And Don’t Follow This ‘Cool Guy’, You’re Missing Out Some Serious Fun

There is this guy, who will leave you in splits with his tweets. The man I am talking about is Gajodhar, Gajodhar Singh Cool. Gajodhar is too cool for all of us, mind my words, too cool. 

Have a look at his tweets and I bet you will not be able to resist yourself from loving this guy!

Trust me, I cannot read this again. Urghhhhhh

And he will never leave an opportunity to call your face ugly XD

If this isn’t the bitter truth, I don’t know what is.

This is so true. It is the honest description of my life.

My feelings for every stupid friend who does that is summed up in this tweet.

Told you! He will call you ugly in such creative ways.

Yet Again!

I am going to use this, the next time someone asks me about my virginity.

I don’t even know if someone hits me with this, what will I say?

Do you do the same?

I am and I will always be beautiful.

For all the singles out there!

It is the most honest quote ever.

Trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I AM NOT UGLY BY CHOICE!!

Hit like if you think Gajodhar is too cool.

Let us know in the comment box your favourite tweet amongst all of them.

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