15 Fun Drinking Games To Play With Friends, Family, & Loved Ones

Fun drinking games
Fun drinking games

Are you sitting in a house party and looking for fun drinking games to play with your friends or colleagues?

Welcome to the team!

Parties can be boring sometimes. A lot boring actually.

You might be fully drunk till neck and watching a random old drama show just because your friends love it.

People are different and they love to do what they actually like when they’re high or drunk. The safer side is to play some drunk games.

And to make your drunk party really interesting, try to find a game which everyone likes.

To set aside your worries about how to make your party the talk-of-the-town, we’ve got you covered with a long list of entertaining drinking games to play in your next house party session.

Here are 15 fun drinking games to play with your friends and colleagues

1. King’s Cup Drinking Game

All you need is a deck or two of cards and drinks to go with (of course!). Each player pulls a card and accordingly performs what the rule says. However, feel free to make some fun changes before the drunk game starts!

fun drinking games

2. Attached at the Hip Drinking Game

A perfect ice-breaker is this game that requires you to prepare chits with random body parts written.

Pair up your folks as teams and ask them to pull out these chits. They got to keep that part of their bodies attached till as long as possible, failing to do which, they must take a shot each!

A great shot if you are looking for fun team drinking games.

team drinking games

3. The One with Poker Face and a Bottle Drinking Game

Make everyone sit in a circle, place a bottle in between and put it on a spin. People at the two ends of the bottle have to look dead-serious and stare off into each other’s eyes.

Now the twist here is, one of them (preferably the one facing the bottle-mouth) gets to say something dirty to get the other one laughing. Whoever laughs has to drink!

And yeah, you can try singing songs too.

fun drinking games

4. The Forehead Master Drinking Game

Have everyone sit at a table with their respective glasses of drinks and foreheads touching the surface.

On a sound, say a clap or bang, the last person to put his head up, loses and gulps his drink.

fun drinking games

5. Medusa Drinking Game

This funny drinking game requires everyone to stand in a circle around the table with their heads down.

At the count of three, everyone looks at another player. If two people are looking at each other, they yell ‘Medusa’ and race a shot.

Whoever loses has to drink another one!

fun drinking games

6. Most Likely Drinking Game

Take turns asking or prepare chits beforehand of questions starting with ‘most likely’. The person with the most fingers pointing at him has to drink the same number of times!

Example: “Who has the loudest burp?”

fun drinking games

7. Drunk Jenga

This works best if you have a truth and dare Jenga, or you can easily take a marker and customize tasks on your plain Jenga blocks.

Keep the drinking tasks spicy enough for it to be called a tipsy tower.

drunk jenga

8. Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

never have i ever

The game you’ve bored to death with your friends might get out some family secrets when you’re drunk.

9. The Decent Buzz Drinking Game

If you are not ready to be too frank with your family, gather everyone in a circle with their beers and start loud counting- one number per person.

Now the person on whom lands a multiple of 7 (7,14,21..), a number ending with a 7, and a double-digit-recurring number (11,22..), must say buzz failing at which, s/he must drink.

the decent buzz

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10. Think. Drink. Repeat

This comes in varieties of the Atlas game you must have played as a kid. Set a category before each round if you want and name things with the last letter of the word.

It can also be the first letter of the last name. For example- Bollywood Stars- Varun Dhawan – Dia Mirza – Manoj Tiwari.

think drink repeat

11. The Ed Sheeran Drinking Game

Click here to start the Ed-Sheeran playlist and each time he sings these words, drink and set the mood!

  • Baby
  • Come
  • Now
  • Miss
  • Love
  • She
ed sheeran fun drinking games

12. Mr. and Mrs. Drinking Game

If there are a lot of best-friends pairs and couples at your party, this game can work really well.

Have a list of questions or just improvise on the spot. Ask each pair (who claims to know each other) to sit with their backs facing each other and answer the questions with respect to each other.

If their answers don’t match, they both have to drink. An example- “Who is the messiest?” If A thinks B is the messiest and B thinks A is, they both have to drink.

13. Heads Up! Drinking Game

Click here to download Heads Up! , the free app which is the most millennial game and can be played in pairs and more.

The loser of each round has to take shots!

drinking games for couples

14. Two Truths and a Lie Drinking Game

If you want to know each other more and drink and make it fun, this game is perfect! Each person gets to tell 2 truths and a lie about himself and the other has to guess a lie.

If the guess is correct, the former drinks, and if not, then the one who lost!

drinking games for couples

15. Drinktionary

Bored, drunk and suck at art?

If yes, you gotta play pictionary. Drunk drawings can get funny (and dirty!) really quick.

drinktionary game

I hope you’ve got enough ideas now to make unforgettable memories while you play these fun drinking games with your friends and family.

Which are your favourite team drinking games to play with friends and family?

Comment down below and let us know.


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