With the change in time, everything around us has changed, mostly for the better. But, there are certain things which have caused a lot of problems in our lives. One such gift of advance English language is the word ‘FRIENDZONE’.

According to Google, ‘In popular culture, the friend zone is a situation in which one member of a friendship wishes to enter into a romantic relationship, while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable or dreaded situation by the rejected person.’

This one word is the root cause of thousands of problems which today’s youth is facing, I might be facing, and surely some of you are facing it too. Ten-fifteen years back, there was no such word and hence this problem was not common. But today, people are put into this zone for no specific reason, but just because, the word sounds nice..!! Like really, sounds nice??

So if you are deeply drowned in this zone, you’ll surely relate to these things to some extent.

  • “Can I Be Honest?”

When a girl texts you, ‘you are really a nice person, very sweet, understanding’ and you are more than excited, suddenly she texts, ‘can I be honest?… are my best-estest friend’, congratulations my friend, welcome to this wonderful zone.

  • “ I Hate My Boyfriend”

When a girl tells you she hates her boyfriend, you start feeling as if, now it’s your time to make a move. Remember my friend, she HATES boyfriends. So, don’t try to be one.

  • “Good Morning”

Most of the boys try their luck by being GOOD to the girls and wishing them every good mornings and nights hoping to get a love letter in reply, and what she replies is  “ Awwwwwww…so sweet buddy..GN”.  Long silence on your side.

  • “Who’s Your Crush”

Never ask your crush about her crush, I repeat, NEVER. This could be the most dangerous things to do. You may feel that you may get your name in return, but when that does not happen, that could really feel like hell or even worst.

  • “I Love You”

It takes guts to propose to someone. I am sure, some of you would have done it. But, what it feels like, when she accepts the proposal in a different, creative way. Imagine you telling her, ‘I love you’, and she being a girl, more creative would add-on something and replies, ‘I love you too…….as a friend’. It is like the moment of instant death.

May the dear God helps you to come out of this zone.

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