FriendZone Doesn’t Suck As Much You Think It Does

There has been so much hype about the friend zone with guys all over cribbing about how they’re only friends with the girl they like (mind you, this is mostly done by only the male species) to an extent where Bollywood released a new movie on the entire concept. And here’s what I have to say about it.

Honestly, it doesn’t suck as much as you think it does. Sure, rejection hurts. But the woman you like still acknowledges you as a friend of hers. That in itself should be a privilege considering she has the choice to kick you out of her life. Friendship is seriously underrated. So what if you can’t be a lover? You can still be a friend and support her, love her and be around her. Sure, it will hurt when she gets into another relationship but then, you’re also free to break your friendship with her.

You can love whom you want, but so is she. Just because you’re ‘nice’ and a ‘good’ person, doesn’t mean she is entitled to love you. No, your kind nature does not guarantee you a relationship more than just friends.

Women adore their friends. They have both male and female besties and are usually close to both. Also, some of the best relationships start with friendship. So maybe you should try bridging that gap first before going for a relationship. Also, how can you expect someone to fall for you because you’ve been there for them? Sadly, it is much more complicated than that.

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All the ‘nice’ guys cribbing about being in the friend zone, you’re not nice if you can’t accept a woman’s decision regarding you. You’re not nice if you can’t be a friend to her without expecting or demanding something she can’t give you. You’re not nice if you turn unkind to her after she rejects your proposal. You’re nice when you’re genuinely kind to her after she makes a choice about you.

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ADHM, no matter how wonderful, is a problematic movie. Don’t be like that. Respect the woman you love and stop whining about the friend zone. Consider it a privilege, she could have outright rejected you. Instead, she values you as a friend. Saying that friendships are often more valuable than relationships.

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