4 Flaws In Our Education System That Need To Be Changed

Flaws In Indian Education System

Education is a basic need. It’s a way to acquire knowledge, develop the potential of reasoning and judgment. Teaching can be done in many different ways but our Indian education system follows the chalk-and-talk convention to deliver education. Most of the world follows the modern education system, which is way better than ours. There are several flaws in Indian education system which must be removed.

The modern education system was invented by OTTO VON BISMARCK in Germany to make good soldiers. This system was a good way to produce similarly minded and knowing people. Learners are dependent on teachers for their education. Counting the fact that there are two traits, proactive and dependent. Innovation comes from a proactive mind, and this system demolishes the very creativity and forces you to learn according to your mentor. It likes being dependent on someone for their very basic need because when you become dependent you start losing proactivity and that’s when you start becoming dumb. Well, the adoption of this education system by India might shake your ground.

1. The chalk-and-talk convention

Indian education system follows the chalk-and-talk convention. The education in this system never escapes the four wall of the classroom. Keeping a point in mind that every mind has a different psychology, the chalk-and-talk convention is not the best way to educate everyone and to produce the best results.
Flaws in indian education system
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2. No scope for innovation

A student is often concerned about his/her examinations. The fear of losing grades is always there. Nowadays, better grades are considered as the level of intelligence of the student, which is again wrong. An average student spent most of his time in examination, projects and homework than the time he might have used to do something productive. Parental phycology matters here.
Flaws in indian education system
“Good grades are not the best measure of Intelligence of a being”

3. Jack of all trades, master of none

An Indian student is made to study dozens of books on each topic and they fail to focus on one narrow field to go. According to Robert Herjavic, a Canadian-Croatian businessman and investor- “People who have the passion to follow a very narrow field, tend to be more successful than the people holding most of the degrees.”
Flaws in indian education system

4. Lack of self-education

The modern education system promotes dependent learning and hence decreases the scope of innovation and creativity. Students are told what to learn. Their proactivity declines resulting in a dependent and a dull mind. Always remember that formal education will make you a living but self-education will make you a fortune.

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