First Encounter!

first encounter

We name it DESTINY and move on, but is this what we all wish for? Similarly I wished the end in universal parallel-y exact same way with her. I don’t know how it all started happening but I do know when I gained my senses after the lost heart beat I noticed – a simple girl standing outside the examination hall tossing the pages of notebook as fast as possible wrinkles on forehead as she was extremely tensed, short length of hair touching her both shoulders, small round eyes as like a new-born baby is amazed to see the new world, tender lips as if my brain already knows what she was reciting, fleshy cheeks resembling the sweetest fruit of the earth.

I wish to have that many guts to confront her and say ‘don’t take stress, you look more beautiful when you smile’ and she would have smiled me back 🙂 But I chose to stand there only dipping into her eyes and thoughts until her friend calls her in the examination room. At that very moment my whole senses came into existence and instead of uproar of the crowd I was able to hear her name—‘Nidhi’.

The first encounter made a deep imprint on my mind that I lost focus and was desperately waiting for the bell to ring. After the infinite flips of the hourglass the bell rang. I ran out from my examination room and saw her drinking lots of water out of stress and every gulp was so satisfying as if I was feeling the water sip extinguishing the burns inside me.

She noticed me watching in a freaky way and turned round to conceal herself. It was obvious that no girl likes to be stared. I was sure that that was the correct time to show up and ask her about the exam. For my surprise she already knew my name and started describing the whole day she went through. We found gleam into each other’s eyes and destiny wrote a new chapter stating –‘Love’.