Feminism Is Not What You Thought It To Be


Feminism – associating with this term always scared me. In today’s society, it is a judgement passed to an arrogant, strong headed and prejudice women – because that is the cover worn by the book. If one has to state what it is, they simply describe it as hatred towards men and female dominance.

Honestly, the present practice of feminism is like the thick settled dust on gold. We just need to brush off to see the real shine. To understand the essence, we need to understand the roots.


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Charles Fourier, a Utopian socialist and French philosopher conceived the word ‘Feminism’. The world witnessed the first wave of feminism in the 19th century whose main objective is to protect and promote woman rights. They include gender equality, bodily autonomy and independence and further more for woman empowerment and independence from irrational norms in patriarchal society.

Equal Opportunities, Not Equal Outcomes


Firstly, Feminism talks about gender equality, not about female dominance in the society. It is about creating ‘equal opportunities’, not ‘equal outcomes’. Feminists speak about equal educational opportunities which results in better career opportunities. They also demand equal pay for the same job in the same working conditions, not privileges. Feminists try to create opportunities for access to credit, through bank loans by woman’s right to hold property.

Feminism Is Neither About Being A Man Nor About Overpowering Them

Secondly, few women believe behaving like men make them men and help to overpower them. Feminism is neither about being a man nor about overpowering them. In fact, this century women take a step ahead and believe hating men. It is not about competing with men.


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Although feminism is about establishing oneself equal to an individual who is trying to oppress. Men are treated as dominant, so feminism mainly focuses on equality with men – but it can be against women who are trying to suppress co-women. So it is not wholly focused against men. The way men and women both can be feminists; feminism can be against any individual, irrespective of gender who tries to curb the rights of women.

Another important aspect of the pages of feminism is bodily autonomy and integrity – which does not speak about personal choice of women. It is a political and social movement. It speaks about protection of the women against sexual harassment, domestic violence and human trafficking. It also protects women’s reproductive rights which are suppressed by society – which includes both men and women.

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Furthermore, groups, forums and communities with inclusion of celebrities and influential persons have an impact on mass. They are treated as face of feminism. Their activities are the leaves added to the book and are treated as cover page. Any wrong move or opinion changes the whole scenario. Moreover, question raises are who can be part of these groups? The answer will be anyone who strives to protect woman rights.

Feminism Protects A Woman’s Right Of Making Own Decisions

Conversely, it does not demand any groups. Any women who stand for herself and her feminine friends constitute feminism. It does not only include working women – home makers also find their feet at this moment. Feminism protects a woman’s right of making own decisions. It is their decision to work or stay at home; neither of making them less or more feminist. It is about having a right to make decision.

You Can Be Feminine And A Feminist, It Is All About Your Choice.

Therefore, feminism is not about hairy legs, shirts and pants. It is neither about hating men nor about establishing women dominant society. It is beyond personal choice and everyone has their own point of view. You can be feminine and a feminist, it is all about your choice.

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