What do great heroes have in common? Let me tell you the answer to that question.

Great heroes have the singular ability to bounce back even in the grimiest of situations.

Our hero for today’s article Roger Federer is one such legend.

He was a man who had been written off by his critics, colleagues, fans, tennis aficionado’s and the world in general. A man who had achieved great accolades to his name before going through a tough time in his career.

Federer or Fedex as known by fans (Such as me) is a person who has embodied the spirit of great sportsmanship. With his on court discipline even in the most pressurizing situations to his off court charisma and pleasing persona. He has indeed been the epitome of a true Legend.

Having had a tough season in the year 2016 marked by more losses than wins. He decided mid-season to discontinue playing for the remainder of the year, due to a grievous wrist injury.

A majority of his fans lost their faith in “Bel18ve”. Yet, a few like me held on to the hope that he would go on to win his 18th grand slam.

For all those people who had given up on Federer, it was a shock to see his comeback in the Australian open, 2017. He defeated players much younger to him and marched on into the finals. Here, we got to witness the arch rivals Nadal and Federer battling it out for the coveted grand slam. Ultimately ending in Federer winning his record 18th grand slam title.

Federer has continued with his streak of success going on to win the Indian wells and Miami championships, both against Rafael Nadal.

He has shown the world that your dreams are achievable so long as you put in your honest efforts into achieving them. What it takes is passion, determination, will power and most importantly the hope that you can achieve all those dreams, making them a reality.

Being one of the true Federer fans, I hope that he continues to have a great season ahead, for us to sit back and relish.