My Favourite Holiday Spot – Nainital

Hey you all!

So, that time of the year has come where everyone start with their packing and planning to find cooler spots in the country. Yes, summers have come and it’s already 35 degrees in Delhi.

Here’s a guide to my favourite vacation spot –

NAINITAL – The Queen of Lakes

Everyone is familiar with this place. Be it newly wedded couples, your college gang, school trip or a family vacation spot. For my family it has turned into an ideal family ‘picnic’ spot as it’s near my hometown.

Talking of the place, it’s located in few kilometers around the lake ‘naini jheel’. One can either look for hotels near the jheel in mid of the city called as ‘mall road’ or away from city too. Accommodation can never be an issue here unless you  go on weekends or on major holidays.

Places to cover:

  • Naina Devi Temple

Visit this temple to begin your trip on a good note :p Buy prashad in form of sweets from shops outside the temple. They are a must try.

  • Mall Road

This can be covered at any time of the day. Starting from as soon as you step out of the temple, covering naini jheel till the end of the hotels on the main road. One can take a halt from their travelling schedule to eat here or may stop for shopping. Years back the place near to the playground used to be covered with beautiful candles, lights, small gifts like key chains, etc but now it’s not allowed so that’s the thing being missed as the shopkeepers used to offer things at a cheaper price than the ideal shops on the main road. There’s a Gurudwara too ‘Gurudwara Shri Singh Sabha’ to visit. Hop into ‘Suman Momo Shop’ to get the taste of authentic momos.

  • Zoo

This place serves to be an educational spot for children and also ideal for animal lovers. One may find some rare species too. Don’t worry if you can’t walk endlessly and wish to cover the whole area of zoo, there’s shutter service to your rescue.

  • Tiffin Top

For people who love to travel via trolleys. This is a secluded spot on the top of hills, where you can find varied small games and if you win, the shopkeepers are kind enough to reward you. Then you have photo studios with their photographers trying to convince visitors to get pictures clicked in traditional outfit of Himalayas. One can enjoy the scenic beauty from the top of the hill.

  • Eco Cave Garden

One can’t and shouldn’t miss this. Situated some kilometers away from the city, you can either walk or take a taxi from mall road. What makes this place worth going is the beautiful caves in midst of a small forest kind of place. Some caves are closed in rainy season of the year.

  • Kainchi Dham

This temple was not known by many until ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ gave it a visit. It’s Situated on the outskirts of city and is a must go place.

General Info – 

Average Temperature -19/11 Degree Celsius

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam, 41 kms away.

Recommended days to stay – 2 days

These were just few places to mention and are easily accessible. If you are a travel freak you would or have already explored more of this place, so drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

Happy reading!