His Fake Account Has 24K Followers And Even A Blue Tick On It

Instagram Has Even Verified It

Instagram users will agree unanimously that it is as easy as boiling water to make a fake account impersonating someone else on it. Thankfully come to the rescue, Instagram’s Account Impersonation policies that obdurately bring down objectionable content and fake accounts. However, one impersonator has got the faking game to a level higher by creating a fake account with a blue tick.

Yes, a verified account. And did we mention the person who has been wronged? Our very own Oriya boy, stand up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. And despite several attempts by Biswa since the last year to bring the account down, no action has been taken by Instagram yet.

Some of the most random stuff has been posted from the account, which stands at whopping 24K followers. Check out these images.

Insaan bench pe baithe hain.

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Safed lines exist karte hain

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Also, the impersonator is one big player. Some of these pictures are captioned with Hindi sentences just as Biswa would say them viz. Safed lines exist karte hain.

And ironically, several other famous names of the stand-up comedy world like Kanan Gill, Gursimran Khamba, Vipul Goyal and even the Canvas Laugh Club and SnG Comedy have fallen prey to following this fake account.
Biswa has been trying to tweet to Instagram since may, 2016.

Although the account hasn’t caused any harm or defamation as yet, but it still is a serious issue that concerns us. When such identity theft can happen to a celebrity with several thousands of followers on social media platforms, it does stir a sense of insecurity and privacy breach in the minds of common people like you and me.

Support Biswa in his struggle for justice. Go tweeting to Instagram under the hashtag #Justice4Biswa.

Till then, Ye aisa kaisa identity theft kr deta hai log, and Instagram action bhi nahi lete!

Source: Social Samosa And Twitter