Existential Crisis: Are You Suffering From One? And The Ways To Overcome.

existential crisis

“Life is pointless these days”

“I don’t even matter in this huge wide world”

“Everything is going to end one day, why should I bother giving a damn?”

“What is the purpose of life?”

Do these sound similar to the voices in your head? If so, trust me, you are not alone!

One out of every four people has these thoughts running at the back of their mind almost all the time. The exact term is “Existential Crisis” and is not at all uncommon!

Diseases of the body are something we are well aware of. Alternately, diseases of the mind are often not taken seriously and neglected. Are we forgetting that ‘A healthy mind is a healthy body’? You and only you can get yourself out from this.

Few basic measures can make a huge difference in overcoming the existential crisis, push yourself to take those.

  • Acceptance

    existential crisis

Develop this attitude. Accept that life is not forever, and forever doesn’t exist but in movies and books. Accept that you and I are a very small peck in this universe. Accept that life is meant to be this way.

  • Appreciate

    existential crisis

Let something be as small and simple as possible, look for the positive in it and appreciate. Once you start spreading these positive vibes, your thoughts will start getting streamlined. Once you’re done reading this, step out for a moment and look up. I bet there is nothing more relaxing and hope feeding than the vast blue sky. It always works for me, how lucky am I to be amazed by this beauty?

  • Look forward, but not too forward

    existential crisis

Planning for your future in fine, but don’t plot it out perfectly. You will end up stucking in existential crisis. Life does not work that way. It is about picking up experiences from every other day and moving forward. Let your future be a vague idea, a dream. The present is now, and now will be long gone in the future. Live in the moment.

  • Distraction – the strongest medication

    existential crisis

Nothing else works as effectively as distracting yourself from your thoughts. Equip yourself with new skills. Learn to play the table, play soccer, visit an orphanage, explore a library, discover the things you like, develop new interests and pursue them. Like they say, ‘Idle mind is a devil’s workshop’.

  • Talk about it

    existential crisis

Talk with others, it might help you to vent out your feelings. Sometimes, talking about life in a depressing manner will become a habit, which will, in turn, push you further down. Habits die hard.  So, take care and assess how talking to others is impacting you.

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Half the problem gets cured when we identify it. The rest is easy. And to talk about the people who are not facing this, it is not like they can answer your questions about life. It is just that, they already have the above qualities and hence warding off thoughts as they wander. In a way fighting, this crisis will make you stronger and more matured perspective of life. But don’t let it dwell, for it will eat up your time here.

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And oh! The best answer I’ve been telling myself, ”Living life is a purpose in itself”.

Are You In Existential Crisis? Share what you think is life’s purpose in the comments below.