The Evolution Of Cafes In India

There was a time when the only cafes around our cities were the CCD outlets strewn about outside our homes. These were the ‘cool’ places where the celebrities in making and other people looking for a break hung out. All the other cafes which came up after that were of similar nature with almost the same ambiance, same menus and consequently, attracting the same kinds of crowds.

Fast forward to 2017; cafes have taken a new turn. The new cafes that have come up do not only have beverages but also appetizers and starters. The ambiance is decorated to utmost perfection with fairy lights, dim lighting and quirky quotes in frames. Grandmama’s Cafe, for instance, has a decor and theme like a quaint, pretty cottage just like an old grandma’s, which explains the name. Starbucks is glamorous with high ceilings and wooden decor.

No wonder the new generation prefers ambiance over anything else. The food too is lip smacking with a variety of cuisines. The food items having the most diverse types are pizzas, pasta, french fries, and beverages. Also, waffles have taken over. Our generation loves food, but more than anything, we look for ambiance and atmosphere. Pretty places equal to pretty pictures, after all. Also, no heavy food. Light is the way to go.

Restaurants and eateries are not only for eating, they’re also here for hours to sit with friends and chatting. Long gone are the days when families used to eat and move out. The evolution in cafes definitely tells us something about our changing tastes and preferences. Even reviews on Zomato pay a lot of heed to the ambiance, surroundings, and services. Did these things matter in the past? Probably not. But do they now?

Definitely. This has also got something to do with the coming up of so many cafes, restaurants, and eateries. The competition is tight and so cafes pay attention to all aspects including service and the detailing.

This has worked in the favor of everyone around. ‘Fancy and posh’ eateries are now available to everyone, not just the so-called classy crowd. And that is what we’d call, the liberalization of food.

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