These Tweets Are Hillarious And Girls You Can Relate To It So Well

Just because being a girl is tough. Really tough. These down there are too damn relatable.

  1. Life is so difficult.

2. A special corner of my heart dedicated to my hair.

3. Get off my lips, please!

4. Not very habitual to compliments, you know.

5. Bye, bye!

6. Why do they grow back?

7. I am sorry for my unwanted sense of humor.

8. Stalking skills > Your brain

9. Yet they get ruined somehow, every time!

10. My tears are precious.

11. Answer this.


13. Move your fingers on that keyboard, at least.

14. What if the face becomes black?

15. *Starts Crying* after reading this post.

16. Why do these creatures exist?


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