20 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You

Emojis guys use when they love you
Emojis guys use when they love you

If you are looking for emojis guys when they love you, it means that there’s a bit of confusion of emotions from his side. Well, let’s try to solve that confusion.

Things can’t get more adorable than seeing guys in love. In most cases we see a drastic change in heart, it softens for the right girl. He hypes you up, puts efforts for you, and does almost everything his partner likes.

One of the ways in which he can make you feel special is in the way he communicates.

Since today’s social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger are preferred to calls, spicing things up on text is super important.

Things can easily be misinterpreted on text. A joke can become a taunt in a moment.

To mend this defect, we’re decoding guys emojis for you. So many times, emojis can make a simple text look special.

Here are some of the emojis boys use when they are crushing on you

1. Wink Emoji

It comes handy when flirting, the wink emoji can also be used in other situations. When a guy finds that his girl is feeling low, he may try to make her feel better by adding oomph to their conversation.

Cute or witty compliments followed by this emoji will bring a smile on your face in a jiffy.

Wink emoji is one the most popular emojis guys use to flirt.

Emojis guys use when they love you

2. Laughing Emoji

When the guys seriously like you, he might confess his feelings but with a laughing emoji in an end.

Confusing, right?

This might mean he is sacred to telling you the truth straight out and wants you to understand indirectly. By adding Laughing emoticon, he will make it seem like a joke.

This reduces his chance of losing you as a friend. This helps him play safe.

Another instance where your boy can use this one is to tell you bitter truths but soften the blow. He might want to correct you somewhere.

Yet another situation where he would use this emoji is for giving you sympathy laughs so as to be gentle on you.

Even if you are not as funny, he wouldn’t want you to feel about it.

Emojis guys use when they love you

3. Tongue-out Smiley

This cute one is when he sheepishly compliments you.

This brings out the innocence and purity of his feelings. Guys let you see their ‘cute’ side less often when they have let down their guard.

If this is the case, girl, then you might be the lucky one.

? Face with Stuck-Out Tongue Emoji

4. Without a mouth Emoji

Let’s say he received a picture of the girl he likes dressed beautifully which left him speechless. The boy is gonna go for this emoji followed or preceded by a moment of silence.

Guys could use this emoji to hype up their girls and make them feel special.

For so many girls, guys would send the speechless emoji when sent a silly, shabby-looking picture.

This one is a sure shot that the guy really loves you. It wouldn’t matter to him how you are actually looking.

Chances are he finds you cute or attractive any which way.

Emojis guys use when they love you

5. Poop Emoji

Couples who discuss poop are meant to be. As silly and cringe-worthy as it may sound, the poop emoji lightens the mood in a moment.

Using the poop emoji is kind of cute and makes him funny. It implies that you guys are comfortable with each other.

? Pile of Poo Emoji

6. Pout

The pout emoticon looks cheesy but I’m sure a girl would love a little of that.

This means he doesn’t shy away from expressing his likeliness for you. It is a rare one for guys so if you get one, you know it!

He also may use it to get a smile on your face or make you giggle. Cheesy stuff makes girls go somewhat giddy.

Emojis guys use when they love you

7. Kiss Emoji

This emoticon is a little more frequent (and serious) than a pout.

When he is being the mad-in-love or i-am-crazy-for-you types, he’s going to go for this one.

Kissing around may not be a big deal for him, but the kiss emoji sure will be.

Ah, and this is the most popular one among the emojis guys use when they are in love with you.

Emojis guys use when they love you

8. Sunflower or Sunshine Emoji

Ever woke up to a ‘Good morning, sunshine’ followed by an emoticon of the sorts? He so likes you.

Sunflower emoji adds some real meaning to the text. If he frequently does this, you might really be the sunshine of his life.

Emojis guys use when they love you

9. Heart-eyed Emoji

One of the easy-peasy ways to make his compliments more noticeable is to add this emoji. He can send you one or a trail of them. To watch him text this to a girl is an endearing sight.

Heart-eyed emoticon would usually follow a compliment or a confession.

? Heart Eyes Emoji

10. Blushing face Emoji

When he sends you a yellow face blushing, trust me he is smiling in the most sheepish manner you can imagine on the other side of the screen.

If he smiles this way for a girl, there is no doubt if he has fallen for her.

Emojis guys use when they love you

11. Monkey faces Emoji

To send the say/hear/see no evil monkeys is one of the cutest things on the internet today. They are so versatile and can be put to use anywhere.

For instance, he may use the see no evil monkey when he says something embarrassing (yet cute).

They say no evil monkey can come handy when his girl leaves him speechless.

The emoticons are too cute for a guy and that is what he looks adorably in love.

Emojis guys use when they love you

12. Smiling face with Halo Emoji

The smiling emoji with a tilted halo on its head is surprisingly a sign of a guy liking you. He will use it to let you know he blessed to have you.

He might also act modest many times when he helps you out and end the conversation with this emoticon.

Emojis guys use when they love you

13. Smiling face with hearts

Now this one needs no explanation. It is as direct as things can get.

To use this emoji means he is filled with feelings of love and affection for you. It could also mean you make him feel loved with you.

Honestly, if a guy confesses his love and uses these emojis, he has to be a keeper!

? Smiling Face With 3 Hearts Emoji

14. Embarrassed Emoji

You know how it works with old school love?

The girl enters a room and the guy is so in love that he just shies away and looks at the floor nervously and embarrassed.

This is one emoji that gets near that.

A guy might use it while flirting or making flattering remarks.

What’s actually more attractive and accurate (with respect to usage) is when he uses this as a reply to compliments from the girl he likes.

? Flushed Face Emoji

15. Woozy Face Emoji

Another appropriate response which equals flattery is the woozy face. Let’s say it’s a song she recorded by herself, or a video she made or just a beautiful picture of hers.

This emoji shows how he is really crazy for you.

? Woozy Face Emoji

16. Drooling Face Emoji

Now this one can have a dirty connotation to it. He might be expressing his ‘hunger’ for you whilst telling you that he misses you.

If using it as a compliment, this might mean that someone is looking really good (or hot and sexy.)

? Drooling Face Emoji

17. Pleading Face Emoji

Now this one, hands-down is the cutest he can get. Those big, cute puppy eyes when he pleads a sorry need your love and nothing else.

When he tells you he misses you and uses this emoticon, he really might be on the verge of crying.

? Pleading Face Emoji

18. Red Heart Emoji

Now this one is obvious. While hearts are now used by almost everyone for almost everything, make sure to read the text twice before you jump to conclusions.

Additionally, make a rough pattern about how often and when does he use this emoji- the frequency, the type of text etc.

Other pink heart emojis also come in this category!

❤️ Red Heart Emoji

19. Colourful Hearts Emoji

Check out the possible meanings of different colored hearts. Now be careful in interpreting these.

Most of them are negative signs, but they could also mean the other way round.

  • Orange- Afraid of commitment; almost likes you.
  • Blue- Tranquility
  • Purple- Compassionate love
  • Yellow- Happiness, Joy
Emojis guys use when they love you

20. Black Heart Emoji

Symbolic of secrets and twisted love, the black heart is special in its own way.

Black heart emoji might feel creepy to some but for people whose favorite color is black, this could mean much more.

This could also imply something dirty.

Emojis guys use when they love you

As I conclude this article, I hope you now have a better understanding of emojis guys use when in love.

I must tell you though that the context is highly significant. You shouldn’t look at these emojis in a stand-alone manner as it increases the chances of misinterpreting something.

Make sure to have a rough idea of the pattern of his emoji usage before you seriously interpret something.

This could make your responses more meaningful.

If we missed out on emojis you guys use as an obvious sign of expressing love, let us know in the comments below.

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