Emoji Masks Are Now A Reality And They’ll Help You Cool Down As Well

We didn’t ever come over Charcoal and bubble face masks that this arrived. While it is fun, it seems creepy too. It is trendy on Instagram, and now everyone is turning crazy for it. Emoji Masks will make you fall in love with them.

With this fashion trend spreading like fire, with some posting pictures with it on social media and others putting up videos about the same. here are all the things you need to know about it.

emoji masks

Petite Amie Skincare, a Taiwan-based brand brings our most-used emojis straight to our faces following the sheet mask trend. The mask along with its trendy look aims to nourish skin and leave your face refreshed.

emoji masks
Source: Instagram – @as.creative

The Cooling Masque: When your turn red-red hot, due to the sun; this is the perfect mask for you. It helps your sunburnt skin and provides a cooling sensation. Enriched with aloe and pomegranate extracts, it is the ultimate solution to the harsh action of the sun on your sun. So, the next time you go out without your sunscreen, get back home and put the angry mask on!

emoji masks
Source: Instagram- @dita426

Love Masque: Being a mask suitable for all skin types, this mask truly hydrates your skin. This mask contains organic rose extracts that hydrates the skin leaving it much softer and moisturized. It helps you fight acne and leaves your skin smooth.  So the next time dryness hits you, get it some Love. This is our favourite emoji mask.

emoji masks
Source: Instagram

Chilling Masque: This mask literally leaves you chilling, enriched with cucumber and aloe extracts, it provides a very refreshing and invigorating experience. With glycerine as one of its components, it seeks to give instant hydration. So the next time you want to chill, get the chilling mask on.

Blush Masque: Blush, blush, blush, For all those who got that redness on their face, this mask is literally for you. Specially made for sensitive skin, it consists of rose extracts and glycerine. The next time someone mistakes the redness on your face with you being shy and blushing, put this mask on and show them your glow.

emoji masks

We are obsessed with emojis, we are crazy about sheet masks; so now let’s get obsessed with emoji masks!

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