Eight Virginia Woolf Quotes You Just Should Not Miss

Adeline Virginia Woolf was an English writer considered as the most promising and prominent Modernist and feminist. To know her more, you need to have an insight into her thoughts so we present to you eight of best Virginia Woolf quotes, hand-picked by our team:

  1. Makes me realise that even she felt like she did not belong to this world, sometimes.

Virginia Woolf Quotes

2) Only you know yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else does.

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3) Were you ashamed of daydreaming? Well, you shouldn’t be now because you might come out with something very unexpected.


4) Damn! This hit hard!



5) Do not you agree? How can someone express our conditions better?


6) As they said, not everything can be avoided. It is time you start fighting, instead of hiding in that safe shell of yours. Hey, you! Come on let us show the world that we are not cowards, show them that we can fight.

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7) In 1922, Virginia met Vita Sackville-West, a poet who also had an open marriage with her husband Harold Nicolson. The two women had a romantic relationship for several years, and even after the affair ended they remained friends for the rest of Woolf’s life.

Woolf was interested in bisexuality—not in the modern definition of wanting to make out with girls as well as boys, but in the more intellectual possibility of fusing both male and female identity in a single person.

She was a feminist in the real sense, unlike those pseudo-feminists that can be spotted everywhere these days. (no offence intended 😀 )


8) Peeps, the truth has been spoken! I am telling you guys, Virginia was a lady with a commendable wisdom and a great sense of wit.


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