Eggers Madhouse Located Inside The Huda City Centre Food Court Will Certainly Captivate Your Taste Buds

Bored of having the same old omelet or scrambled eggs?

Then Eggers Madhouse located inside the Huda City Centre food court will certainly captivate your taste buds and it’s a must try just for the thought they have given to fabricating these dishes, to say the least.

To Begin With:

I started off with hippie pancake which was quite delectable, fluffy and fresh. It can be personalized depending on the intensity of sweetness you require with the addition of maple syrup or fruits if health conscious. A bit of ice cream is also served with it so it’s overall a fully fledged meal and can be a good option for those lazy Sunday breakfasts. A hint of cinnamon could be added to enhance the taste.

Next up was egg Italiano which included veggies mixed up with cheese and wrapped up in scrambled eggs. Served with a tangy sauce and garlic bread, this one is not to be missed! The veggies were quite a delicacy with full of freshness and flavors. The garlic bread could have been a bit crispier though.

Egg chomu is must try if wanting a quick bite. Served with fresh Pao, it’s definitely stellar! All the veggies in the bhaji and topped with a sunny side egg makes it a lot more enticing!

Before Leaving Your Seat:

To wash it all off I had Nutella shake. Many places now serve this but eggers madhouse nailed it! The sweetness was on point and had a perfect consistency.

Final verdict:

This place is quite interesting and offers something for everyone. From salads to pancakes to shakes. It is an amalgamation of unique flavors with various egg preparation and the best part is everything is pocket-friendly so step out and have an egg-citing day!

Cost for two: 500