15 Unknown Facts You Should Know About Ed Sheeran, The Singer Of Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

Ed Sheeran, the man who made everyone groove on ‘Shape of you’ is at Mumbai for a concert. He and his retinue were allotted 60 rooms and luxurious fleet of cars. The Britain’s superstar is swaying his magic and The MagZone dwindled mystery around him by digging few Ed Sheeran unknown facts.

1. Ed Sheeran Family: He Hails from a diverse family

I wonder what intrigued him in this field while his dad is Art Historian, mom Jewelry designer and brother Classical composer. Such a diversified family and Ed is the odd one out.

Ed Sheeran Family

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2. Early years

He grew up with perforated eardrum and stutter. Those are not the only odds he overcame. During his homeless stay in London, he finished his gigs and stayed till 5 AM to sleep in circle line.

Ed Sheeran Early Years

3. Guitar’s Namkaran

Apparently, he still feeds the kid inside by naming his guitars. Lloyd, Cyril, Keith, Nigel, James the second. What more names will he come up with in future?
Ed Sheeran Guitar

4. Colourful songs

He says all of his songs have colours. Maybe true. Vivid colours for sure.

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

5. Cat Lover

His cat ‘Graham’ stole Ed’s heart and his followers too. Graham’s Twitter account followers will put yours to shame.

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

6. Ed Sheeran was the part of Game Of Thrones

Although producers tried to get Ed into the Game of Thrones, his music tours always got in the way. But finally, he appeared in Got Season 7.
Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

7. Sheeran got a Hair cake from a fan

One of his fans sent him a cake full of hair. What? Why?

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

8. Edward to Redward

He thought to change his name to Redward adding R to his name Edward. It never happened. We kind of like Ed Sheeran more than Redward Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

9. Anti to smartphone and unknown numbers

He says he loves to ditch the phone and spend some time away from it. He also never answers unknown numbers.Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

10. Barbie doll for birthday

His brother gifted him Barbie doll on his birthday. Brother’s can truly be vicious.

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

11. Friendship tales with Harry Styles 

Styles has a privilege to hold Ed’s school performance, which he warned to release on the day he upsets him. They also have matching tattoos. How can we forget, he co-wrote a song for one-direction, Moments!

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

12. Nando’s and Pizzas

Nando’s created an ‘Ed’s Peri Peri Sauce’ with his face on as a gratitude for holding mythical Nando’s black card. Pizza express on his birthday as a tribute created Ed-Abrese Pizza cake. Wow! Yum birthday!

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

13. He was GQ’s worst dressed man in 2013

Like really! His hoodies and jeans are so cool.

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

14. He was part of sit-coms and Soap Opera’s

Believe me! Next time notice him in New Zealand comedy Shortland Street, US sitcom Undateable and Aussie soap Home And Away.

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

15. Edward Christopher Sheeran briefly dated Camilla Severi (Australian Big Brother Star)

Not anymore; but they are still good friends.

Ed Sheeran Unknown Facts

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