12 Conversations Every Drunk Person Has Gone Through

Drunk People Conversation
Drunk People Conversation

Hangover mornings are not only sleepy and sick; they are also about reeling heads, remembering ‘WTF! Did I do last night?’ Yeah! Yeah, you were there. Those drunken, embarrassing and Oh-god-why-did-I-say-that conversations. If you were not the blabbering species, you must be the one listening.

Read the following and let us know your Gallan Tipsiyan.

1. ‘Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Chodenge’

After gulping down four pegs, the same kameena dost becomes the best one forever. Then comes the never-ending promises of being best friends forever. Jai-Veeru, Karan-Arjun and Joey-Chandler stand nowhere before their friendship. What! Really! (What happens when your IPL team plays against each other? *Haha*)

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2. ‘Mein Shayar Toh Nahi’

You have to listen to their Shayaris when they meet the lady at the counter. Javed Saab’s sanity will rest in peace. The worst pick up line mended in foulest way possible. The Flirting Silsila calls for a Crocin and you have to hold yourself not to ROFL.

3. ‘Mera Itna Life Kharab Hogaya’

Do you remember Rani? She repaired her life, but the defective life of these people will never find their mechanic shop. Never ending stories of failures, pressures, and tears; of course the most famous breakup conversation. They are happy dancing and jumping until alcohol triggers their ex’s memories.

4. ‘Waapass Aajao’

Their Kharabi moves to next level. Their texts and calls with the ex. Pleas of asking them to come back with an emotional backdrop of missing them. Few even believe in complaining and abusing. Can’t we destroy their phones before the drinks? If not us, we can at least save mathematics favourite ex.

5. ‘Agar Sharab Mein Nasha Hota, Toh Bottlein Na Jhoomti’

Nah! Drunken Baba’s conversation is not as meaningful as Bunny’s. They are just deep and non-sense. If you are drunk along with that person, only you can smell roses in that garbage, otherwise, you are doomed. You cannot understand their philosophies of tails on heads.

6. ‘Tu Aaj Se Mera Yaar Hai’

If the person is alone and drunk, the stranger sitting beside them is the best friend. They just blabber anything that comes to their mind without any second thought. If the stranger is also the chatterbox, then they bond by discussing the things they hate. If they hate some common thing, their bond is stronger than 100 knots.

7. ‘I Am Going To Die Alone’

Every single is not desperate, but some want to get into a relationship. When they are drunk they are not able to decide what to do and believe that they will die alone. This conversation is all about failed attempts and future strategies.

8. ‘Chaar Bottle Vodka Kaam Mera Roz Ka’

Even when they are drunk, their conversations will be all about their previous hangover stories. They are not only about their capacity beyond chaar bottle, but also about the successful cure for a hangover.

9. ‘Mein Hoon Next Ambani’

This can either be good or bad. Good, because the great ideas of young entrepreneurs like Varun Agarwal came to light after two pegs. This can be bad because many brag about the ideas when they are drunk and it is dissolved in the sober sunrise.

10. ‘Everything Is Better With Fine Wine In The Belly’

There are a few things about which people will never open their mouth until the intoxication dances their mind and body. These talks are strictly forbidden in no-drunk gatherings. Although these strictly drunk conversations can be weird as there will be lots of exciting secrets.

11. ‘Tu Hai Toh…I Will Be Alright’

Couples drinking together jump back and forth on two sides of a coin. One side of the coin is filled with conversation about their future together; they will never get over their fairy tale. Another side of the coin is about never-ending confessions and confrontations. By the way, both are very interesting and if you are there, all you need is a popcorn for either a romantic saga or an action movie.

12. ‘Agle Baar’

Their conversations are all about next time. If you sit with them, they will narrate their retirement plan too. You can keep wondering their sanity, but you will also laugh at their unlimited insanity. Sometimes they go beyond imagination and talk about becoming Prime Minister.

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