Donald Trump’s Pregnancy Photo Is Going Viral. Who Leaked It?

A good part of United states was unhappy after the polling results came up with trump as their new president. Support from Putin’s side was also reported by some of the media houses later which gradually became the hot talk of the town.

Only a few days have passed and this new poster of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, embracing the US President, Donald Trump, from behind was projected on some Apple’s retail store of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood with hashtag #LoveThroughHate.

The poster was placed on several other neighborhood areas as well by a dating app –Hater, which is a Tinder a like dating app in States but much different from it. The app matches the people based on the common things they ‘hate’.

As the fact says, nearly 80% of ‘Hater’ users hate trump and this poster was inspired from it.

The above poster has gained not only a lot of coverage in International media but tremendous social shares as well. Don’t know with what explanations ‘Hater’ app will come up but this has indeed gained them a good audience and a lot of coverage which the company was targeting at.