Did You Become The Dream You Were Asked To Believe In? No? Its Alright!

I still remember those times in my school when I fidget and sweat bullets if a teacher goes, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was absolutely clueless, and frankly, I had never thought that question as anything that’s more than a question, though. I mean, I was rolled at number 40 in a class of 60. Who am I kidding, to come up with something that is cooler to 39 answers and should stand out in 20 more, is a feat, per se. I’d wait, think, wait, think and fucking wait and think for a turn that I was eagerly prepared to have, and when it finally comes, I’d stand up, clear my throat, look at the class whose eyes are now upon me, and would ask, “How many points would I get, if I tell you, I want to become a doctor?” I can’t forget that one time when the entire class broke into laughter, and I sooner became the kid-you-should-not-question-to.

Cross your heart and tell me; did you become the dream you were asked to believe in? Yes? Kiss yourself and say, “I made it.” No? Kiss yourself and say, “I made it, too.” Don’t wonder why, sometimes, the wisest thing to do, is to accept the things that can’t be otherwise. Maybe, you are that person who is full of zeal and MacGyvers a plan out of mess; or, you are that long face, which can be seen in a groupie of twenty-somethings. Either way, it’s you, only you, who I write this to. Don’t you worry, I ain’t going to ask about your dream or passion or goals. And, I swear, I will never talk about mine, too. If at all, there is something that I am doing here, it is to make you accept the being you’re, and the wonder you’re becoming. Because, not every day you get a chance to read a stranger and say, “I too feel that.”

Maybe, it’s today, and the stranger is me. If you wonder, what is that I feel, it is this: I didn’t know what I was supposed to tell when a person asks me such a big question back then. Had he asked about Oswald, the blue footed octopus, maybe, I might’ve bestowed him with some of the finest replies. The truth is, I didn’t become what I thought I was becoming. When I was a kid, I felt I was becoming a Superman who wears a wet towel as a cape, and during my teen-years, I was a ballerino, who danced his way to the kitchen and hit his chin hardly in the sink. Yesterday, I was a flying cow, and today, I am dreaming of becoming a big black doody. What I think changes all the time; and I am thankful that it does. Descartes was right when he told, I think, therefore I am. But, with something that’s more complex like, life, thinking only makes it harder. And, when thinking becomes hard, we should try accepting. Because had Descartes told, “I accept, therefore I am,” he would’ve been more right, wouldn’t he?

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