If You Are An Indian GOT Fan, You’ll Love These Desi Version Dialogues Of Your Favourite Character

India is a diverse country. Diverse culture, religion, society, people and their thoughts. When Game of Thrones took a pledge in the world, Indians joined with the factor of binge watchingWith various people watching it and framing their own set of questions. We have compiled a list of Desi version of GOT dialogues and we’re sure you’ll find them amazing.

Desi Version Of GOT Dialogues:

1. Winter is coming

‘Ye To Nainsafi Hai’.

The Indian climate seeks for rain. Indian news channels extend people’s grief, especially the farmers, by telecasting this issue every year. This dialogue for Indians is – “Rainfall Is Coming“.

Desi version of GOT

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2. Everything is better with some wine in the belly

The reason for Indians not choosing the wine is, that it’s expensive or it has low alcoholic content than beer, basically referred as Daaru.

Used in Desi Dialogue as- “Bhai Daaru Pila De” or “Chal Daaru Pite Hai”. And then certainly everything gets better.

Desi version of GOT

3. You know nothing Jon Snow

Oh please! Indian neighbours know everything. From ‘the 5th house ke Ghar ki shakkar khatam hona, to next to next lane me 21 years ki ladki hai and usko ladke wale dekhne aaye hai’. Even when the people in the house have no idea about it. I guess Jon Snow should learn this.

Desi version of GOT

4. Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you

‘Mein to siddha chala rhi thi, galti to car wale ki hai’.

This is an Indian way of describing road accidents. Even if it’s their fault, they will never accept it.

Desi version of GOT

5. When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die

Let me drive you towards Indian Game Of Thrones.

Kya aap Big Boss ke ghar ko survive kar sakte hai? ‘Cause the most overheard line that can beat this GOT dialogue is-

“Mai yahan nhi rah sakti/sakta.”

Desi version of GOT

6. There is a price for everything

… but you can bargain.

Most Indians posses the quality of bargaining. If a pair of slippers/chappals is of 200 Rupees, we can torment the shopkeeper to give it for 50 rupees (lol! that’s too much, consider 100).

So yes even if there is a price for everything, we will persuade to give it for at least 10 bucks less.

Desi version of GOT

7. Words are wind, my friend. Words are wind.

The only line that suits the Indian culture is this.

“Aree aapko malum hai sharmaji ki beti ne kya kia?” (Quick additions to anything that even Sharmaji has no knowledge of).

Yes, this is India. We’ve got big mouth and we talk loud. But this is the swag Indians hold.

Desi version of GOT

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Do you want to add more dialogues with their desi version of GOT if Game of Thrones was made in India? Do let us know in the comment section below!