9 Game Of Thrones House Sigils And Mottos

This is the era of Game Of Thrones.

GOT Sigil

This is the era of Game Of Thrones. But Game Of Thrones House Sigils And Mottos are still unknown to a good population.

Game of Thrones has conquered the minds of a huge platform. The series has become the Sunday buzz behind every door. The popularity has gained its high level and the Game of Throne stars are stalked at every instance of their day to day life, call it grocery shopping to hospitals. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are more viewed for the star’s lifestyle, pranks, and fashion.

This series is based on the ruling. The compromises, cheat, or plots created are the key factors of the series. The conquest of love, hatred, rage, revenge, and the oath and pledge are the ideas of winning the house. The concept relies on the fights for ruling the whole kingdom from North to South between the various dynasties. The dynasties or houses have their own criteria of fighting that is based on the sigil they are built upon.

Here’s the complete description of Game of Thrones House Sigils and mottos

1. House Stark

Sigil- Grey dire wolf on a white field.

GOT Sigil and Motto

The colour grey signifies being conservative, calm and sophisticated. The dire wolf reflects the strength and reflects their word of hailing winter is coming. The sigil of House Stark is like an open book. It shows their very true nature. The composed and calm nature like the snow in the North make them true to their sigil. On the other hand, the fierce wolf signifies a strength that can not go unnoticed.

2. House Lannister

Sigil: A golden Lion rampant on a crimson field.

Hear Me Roar House Lannister (#2235396) - HD Wallpaper ...

The Lion symbolizes the fierce and never giving attitude of a Lannister marking their words “A Lannister always pays his debts”. The crimson background marks the power and abundant love that showcases their roar. the color of their background can also be thought to depict temper that apparently all the Lannisters so proudly bear. Just like we don’t bump with a lion, nobody dares take their chance against the famous Lannisters.

3. House Targaryen

Sigil: Three-headed dragon on a black field.

Game Of Thrones House Sigils And Mottos

Black has stood the color of the dilemma. It pictures power and elegance and even evil and death. The three-headed dragon as the frame of enormous power that Targaryen shows on the battlefield. Their word ” Fire and blood” depicts their strength and the attitude of victory at any cost. The three-headed dragons represent the original Targaryen dragons – Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. The power that we see in the sigil is that of the dragons for which House Targaryen is so famous.

4. House Arryn

Sigil: A white falcon volant and a crescent moon on the blue field

The Falcon symbolizes victory and the fly when dashed on the ground. The color blue relates to strength. The sigil is made just for the Lord of The House Arryn headed – Robin Arryn,  a young lad with responsibilities of ruling a kingdom.

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5. House Greyjoy

Sigil: Golden Kraken on a black background

Game Of Thrones House Sigils And Mottos

Unlike the name, the House Greyjoy has a golden Kraken on the background of the colour black. They hold a twist of evil and power with a charm that shines like gold (talking about King Euron Greyjoy). A golden Kraken is believed to be a mythical sea creature. This links the sigil to the Greyjoys’ profession. It represents them as the strongest fighters at the sea.

6. House Martell

Sigil: The words of “Unbowed, unbent and unbroken”, appears on the sigil where sun is pierced with a  golden arrow on the orange field. It is now the extinct house lastly ruled of Ellaria Sand.

House Martell Sigil | DESIGN É TATTOO

House Martell has been a reputed house because of the respect they have provided to the women. The House celebrates sexual equality resulting in high respect for women. No gender is the lesser one for this House. Only if we had rulers like Prince Oberyn in our real world.

7. House Tyrell

Sigil: Another extinct house of Highgarden that had the symbol of golden rose shining words growing strong.

All Members of House Tyrell

The citadel lies under the control of Tyrells. They controlled the strongest navy and the largest army in the Westeros once. The golden rose reflected their heart which shared the pain with other Westeros nations and so ranked second richest dynasty. But how far does a good heart take us?

8. House Baratheon

Sigil: A black stag rampant on the goldfield.

The sigil is claimed to be stolen from the House Durrandon by Robert I. This House of Storm’s end is legally extinct and is controlled by the Lannisters now. The existence of this House vanished with the death of the last ruler, Robert Baratheon.

Game Of Thrones House Sigils And Mottos

9. House Tully

Sigil: A silver trout leaping on the red and blue background.

This exiled house of Westeros rested on the words of family, duty, and honor. The house is seized by Lord Jamie Lannister from Lord Edmund Tully. The heir is the unnamed son of Edmund Tully.

house tully sigil

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