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ctrl alt learn
ctrl alt learn

Vipul and Vikas are the Co-Founders of, a digital education platform established to reboot the learning process. This digital platform is a gateway to a fascinating experience of converting your hobbies into passion and then following it to a profession. This website provides quality learning under expert guidance, in real time classrooms through offline sessions.

In an interview with The MagZone, minds behind the amazing website tell us more about them and their future prospects of a digital establishment. Read to explore the new and exciting platform for dreamers.

Excerpts from the interview:

1. The slogan of your website says “Who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty”. What triggered the idea of providing a platform to pursue hobbies irrespective of age?

In the words of Vipul “Ctrlaltlearn is a learning platform. So, you can say we are trying to get into the domains which are unexplored till date. These domains can be good enough from a kid to an old person. The idea is to broadly get into the category which was never explored by a person. Those categories which are running on the business side of it, but did not get into the mainstream of education system till date. We are addressing those domains through Ctrlaltlearn.”

2. There are many online education forums providing courses, whether academic or non-academic. How is it different from other digital platforms?

Mr Vipul says “We guys are providing the learning or education through an offline medium. So the idea is that on this particular platform one side we have entire domain experts who are well taught and who have a profile of professional as well as personal experience in those particular fields. They have been successful in implementing their knowledge in the practical life. And on the other side of the platform are the consumers, as well as businesses or organizations who want to or are in dire need of such expertise and training which is not available”.

ctrl alt learn

3. There are sprouts of forums every day, what are your upcoming plans to compete with them?

Mr Vipul confidently says “When you talk about the competition, you can say the difference is that they are masters of the domain itself. The second difference is that all the current websites or learning platforms whether you are talking about Udacity, or Udemy, or Simplilearn, they provide education through an online platform. So these are not face to face classrooms. These online mediums are good when you are broadcasting the piece of knowledge or information. When you have to coach someone from a particular domain, face to face interaction is must in that. So that is what Ctrlaltlearn want to bring on the tables, that we are not providing online training. Online training or online learnings will come as an add-on to the courses itself. The idea is that you come and book the workshop at one location, the expert will come as well as the consumers or the participants will come and there we conduct face to face sessions. All sessions are going to be offline. A course-related session, where we will give them online content or the content which is being needed just to brush up their knowledge”.

4. As you said Ctrlaltlearn does not provide online coaching, do you think people are more attracted to a digital platform in the hectic lives or classroom coaching attracts them more?

Vipul says “That is the reason we have a single point of entry through the website, as we know the potential of the digital platform. You need to visit the portal and book that particular session. As well as we will give you entire online content, post you attend the face to face session along with an expert in it. So, you can say, we are using a hybrid approach that is where a right match of online as well as offline training or coachings is in place”.

5. Ctrlaltlearn is an interesting name? What is the idea behind this title?

Vikas says “Ctrl alt delete is for rebooting the system. So from there, we got this idea. Ctrlaltlearn is rebooting your learning process. Basically ctrl alt and in the end, learn means you are rebooting the learning part. That is how precisely we are trying to redefine the learning process areas, which are fragmented till now like photography. We are trying to mainstream those areas. So we are trying to reboot this whole learning experience”.

6. Tell us about the success story of your workshops.

Mr Vipul happily tells “As the first thing we are pretty new in this business, for the fraction which is coming it is pretty good in that sense. Within a launch of two months in itself, we have received like more than 20+ experts on board along with us. As well as we can say as experience part of it, the people who are joining those workshops, we are having an end to end experience that is they are not only coming for the learning part of it, well they are gaining or we can say they are clearing doubts in itself. Not only that, post the session the expert is giving them a demonstration of things like for example, Yoga. In yoga, we have Jal Neti that’s where exactly an expert will actually take part along with you and will show you how to make this happen. Jal Neti in itself is a tough part of an exercise in the yoga. So these are amazing experiences which we are conducting which is not possible through online learning. In online learning, it is available everywhere from youtube to web news put in across. They can show you how to do that but when it comes to the practical life and when you have to do It on your own, nobody is there to help you and that’s where we want to regulate the practical knowledge impartation”.

7. Mr Vikas, how is Mr Vipul different from you?

In the words of Vikas “We both are schoolmates, batchmates. We studied in school together so we know each other well. How we are different is, he is more outspoken and he is well experienced in sales and marketing. Those kinds of special traits he has like he is outspoken and outgoing to unknown people also. On the other side, I am slightly focused on operations and management, but not very verbal and not very talkative in that sense. We kind of form a team where he goes into the market to introduce this idea to different experts, to different people while I manage workshops whenever we are conducting them. We kind of compliment each other’s capabilities”.

How did your friendship change from being batchmates to co-founders of a successful learning platform?

Vikas says “I think it has grown. When we were friends we were just chilling out together not involved in the financial aspect of things and lot of other things which were not important at that time. Now I think we have grown, we have understood each other. We have a responsibility towards each other’s action and together we have to take this idea to next level. we have to be considerate of the fact that, something I don’t like because of my personal reason, then I have to accept it as a fact if it is in the interest of the idea. I would say we have grown in terms of relationship. Now we are being more considerate and make sure this idea works”.

8. Who inspires you both to move ahead in your belief irrespective of hurdles?

(Vipul Chuckles) “Of course it is one person that is tough to look upon. When it comes to one person I think so, we look at each other that we should execute things on time to make sure this idea works properly and exceeds and grows. I will say, we would look at each other as a sense of inspiration and see that this idea takes us to next level”.

Who sow the seed to this platform among you both?

Vipul saysAgain this is something collaborative effort from both of us. When everybody is running behind an online learning platform, we thought that online learning in the present age is giving a good amount of information and knowledge but it is somehow incomplete. The second part of it is that It has lacked the location-based or real flavour of the location in itself. The third part is, again as I said before it is failing to give an end to end solution to the people and as we belong to Kota, Rajasthan we have only seen the coachings growing by giving an end to end solution to the students travelling from all over India. We can sense the importance of coaching rather than online learning. So we built the online and offline part of it”.

9. Regarding the coaching – you are providing courses like sketching, drawing, yoga, theatre, you are also providing corporate training and image management. What are future courses one might expect from this stage?

Vikas says “Few things which we are immediately planning is like we are trying to onboard storytelling sessions, gardening related activities like how to set up a kitchen garden or balcony garden in your home. So gardening the urban setup. Few robotic and program experts are also in line. We will also have one more topic regarding technology. If we are going to talk about vertical wise, we have finance, healthcare and agriculture. We have experts with a lot of knowledge and experience regarding them. It is a pretty cumbersome process to find out the right experts. We are receiving a lot of queries as they want to be an expert. We have a filtration process, as every expert coming to us is not an expert. We are doing an assessment at our end. We are checking their history, relevancy, education and entire profile. Post that only we are selecting them and putting them on the platform”.

The list of experts on the website are intriguing and their profiles are promising.

Vipul informs “These guys are the ones who are actually in the business from last 8 to 15 years and they are not the people who teach, they are the people who implemented that in their spectacle life and are successful in their domains. We are keeping on to bring something like that, that is, while teaching student, they can tell how exactly teaching on the books can be taken to be a career path in itself”.

10. As these are non-academic courses and unexplored domains, how is the method of coaching implemented, theoretical, practical or case study?

Vipul explains “It is mixed with everything. I would say it is 25% to 30% theory and then 10% to 15% of case studies and then followed by the practical session. Suppose, there is a photography workshop. In a typical 5 hour workshop, one hour or 1.5 hours would be telling them the concepts of the photography and then it would be followed by analyzing some pictures which have been taken by photographers and then it would be followed by outdoor session. We would take the participants outside and they would capture the surroundings. Then they will come back to the workshop and will analyze that how pictures could have been better. Basically, it is a mix of teaching them and telling them and experiential learning at the end”.

11. Ctrlaltlearn is a push on the back to those who want to pursue their hobbies and passion. What is your advice to those who are still wandering in self-doubt?

Mr Vipul says “Idea is that first, you should not hide your passion or dream which you would like to build upon. This is the advantage or USP that we would like to bring up, that if you have some passion which you want to do at any age group. Like we say if you are about to retire or you are a mid-aged person and you want to explore that part of the hobby, Ctrlaltlearn will help you. You can not only just take your hobby as a learning hobby, but can also make it a career path in coming days. So basically, my advice to the people would be, if you have not started yet, why not start it now because it is never late. At whichever level you are, whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have an expert here to take you to next level. If you are an amateur, we will take you to introductory level and if you are a pro you can go to higher level. So if you have not started yet, explored yet, why not now. Ctrlaltlearn as a platform is providing you with all sort of experts who are going to give you a helping hand at that time when you need it the most. So you can book those sessions through our website on our platform, that will get you in touch with the right coach and right mentor or expert who will take your passion into a different path or next level”.

In conversation with Vipul and Vikas, I started believing that there is no age called wrong age to start from scratch on your dream with a platform providing you experts of the different domains.

Hope Ctrlaltlearn helps you to fulfil your passion. Drop your views in the comments below!