Ctrlaltlearn’s Workshop In Collaboration With Innov8 Captured Hearts And Aspiring Minds Of Photographers

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Ctrlaltlearn, the online gateway to pursue interests offline, is a learning platform resurrecting the way you learn. It successfully re-installed the hope of persuading interests irrespective of age with its effective workshops under expert guidance. After the successful run of a drawing workshop in collaboration with Innov8 (Co-working and Co-living work-space provider) led by the very talented Rachna Gupta on 19th November; it returned to mainstream the unexplored domain of photography on 25th November.

Innov8 is very happy to be associated with Ctrlaltlearn especially because they have the same goals when it comes to community building and collaborations. Innov8 holds its people and community at the core of its operations. They strive to bring like-minded people together who in turn connect, create & grow both professionally and personally. It takes pride in the sense of belonging their coworkers feel to their brand and workspaces. Innov8 aims to provide beautifully crafted workspaces across cities in India to small and big business where they can become part of a larger community that helps them evolve.

The photography workshop is a small step in that direction. They continue to actively organise and promote events that benefit their community. The aim is to provide an environment for their coworkers where they are constantly learning and expanding their skill set. It wants to develop a system wherein they grow with their coworkers and help each other.

The music of the shutter, capturing a moment still, by making silent conversations is the magic photographers spell. The technical flavours to the passion are the wings making a path to destination easy. A significant fraction of individuals snatched this wonderful opportunity of learning technical aspects of photography under the expert guidance of Sourav Kumar Das, on the platform of Ctrlaltlearn

Sourav Kumar Das:

Ctrlaltlearn plates the amazing opportunity of learning from Sourav Kumar Das, who scored higher credentials holding 5+ years’ experience in teaching photography. He had mentored more than 1000+ photography enthusiasts across all age groups. He is skilled in various categories of camerawork and has conducted more than 200 workshops in Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai on Wildlife and Nature. His in-depth technical knowledge and accomplished projects fuel the excitement of being part of his workshops.

Additionally, expertise he holds in the field of landscape, nature, wildlife, Macro, portraits, fashion and Hi-fashion, product, night and long exposure photography stimulated excitement for the ‘Types of Photography’ section in the workshop.

Considering his expertise, Ctrlaltlearn’s Advance Workshop covered technical knowledge on:

Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure Triangle, Composition, Depth of Field (DOF), Metering, Lenses, Flash, Camera accessories and Types of Photography.

Participants enjoyed well-crafted schedule!

The unusual, yet useful spaces of Innov8 provided a peaceful and focus-able ambience for young and energetic folks of Bangalore. Ctrlaltlearn pool resources with ready to move in co-working space, Innov8 to provide a remarkable experience for the gritty Avant-graders. They worked in a designed agenda of: 

  • An intensive discussion of theoretical knowledge for few hours, followed by gaining practical knowledge.
  • Analyzing the professional to gain technical knowledge.
  • Encouragement to create the composition ‘in camera’.
  • Outdoor session.
  • Analyzing the work done by them in outdoor session.
  • Q&A and feedback

It was an all-around experimental learning of technical knowledge incorporating in the practical life. The ace photographer Waseem Khan graced interactive learning experience with his presence.

Waseem Khan, Cherry on the top, for the extractors!

Waseem Khan, the experienced fashion photographer enhanced the learning experience of individuals with his stories and narrated experiences. He filled the hearts and aspiring minds with motivation and hope of better future in this domain by revealing secret guidelines.

Participants enjoyed the ensuing benefits!

Well, you can say this workshop hosted by Ctrlaltlearn in association with Innov8, regulated and imparted practical knowledge in a merry way.

  • Learning process rides included a practical demonstration by expert and clearing doubts.
  • These workshops also provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people.
  • They could learn different processing techniques and allied skills under expert guidance.
  • This was the best opening to identify own photography style and excel in it.
  • This gave a direction and vision through the lens.
  • Learnt professional and technical secrets of perfect click.

The result of perfect workshop capture:

  • This workshop acquainted us with professional knowledge, and renewal of passion for photography.
  • At the end, it allowed to decode and understand the functioning of a camera.
  • It allowed practising right techniques for creating a remarkable image.
  • They walked out with developed photographic vision.

Photography enthusiasts utilized affordable and economic opportunity in their weekend better by spending a day with their interest, which was no less than a party. The pack of individuals enjoyed the lenses, by hanging their camera and got ready for the dissection and composition.

Ctrlaltlearn is planning workshops of storytelling sessions, gardening in the urban setup, robotic and program experts, finance, healthcare, agriculture and various domains in partnership with Innov8. We are excited to experience fantastic workshop in the coming future in their collaboration.

All the best to Ctrlaltlearn and Innov8!