16 Cool Things To Do On Google Search

Google Is A Fun Loving Guy.

cool things to do on google
cool things to do on google

When we first hear the word Google, the first image that forms in our mind is that of a know-it-all first bencher. When you are in a problem, his name strikes you in a second. But when you’re having fun, do you remember him? Caught you guilty! To get your guilt over you, I have some less known secrets about Google. You can now become better friends with him by knowing these really cool and fun things Google search can do. The list has some really cool things to do on google.

Here are some really cool things to do on Google:

1. Spinner

Too lazy to make yourself a spin wheel? Google offers you spinning wheels of different sizes!

Google Spinner: New Search Easter Egg

It’s a different feeling altogether- knowing about someone who knows everything. You now have the right to brag about this knowledge so go, share this with your friends and family to leave them amazed!

2. Atari Breakout

It’s so nostalgic, this game! I used to play for hours on end and never get tired. If you too have missed this game and are too lazy to download one, your friend has got you covered!

Go to Google images.

Type Atari Breakout” in the search bar and wohoo!

cool things to do on google
Cool things to do on google

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3. Pacman

Take another nostalgia trip with this super fun and addictive game- Pacman 

Go to Google.

Type Pacman in the search bar and the game is on.

cool things to do on google

4. Zerg rush

If you want to be a “Hero” and not a “Zero”, you must kill all the O’s that will eat up your search results.

Type Zerg rush in the search bar without quotations. And, defend your search page from an onslaught of O’s.

cool things to do on google

5. Anagram

All of us do know what an ‘Anagram’ is. A funny little game, more like a joke, is what we encounter when we type this word into the search bar.

Just type “anagram” and check out the statement “Did you mean:

cool things to do on google

Again, it has a different version, you know? Type “Define Anagram” and you’ll see a different statement in “Did you mean:“.

6. Google teaches you Recursion

We first encounter this word in “C Programming”. Familiar with some of us, right?

Type “Recursion” on google search bar without the quotations and you’ll find “Did you mean: Recursion” although the word you typed has no spelling error.

It’s Google’s way of showing a loop on loop, which is the exact definition of recursion.

cool things to do on google

7. Google Gravity

Show this to a kid and he’ll be way more excited than you would be, especially if he just learned the concept of gravity in school! You enjoy while Google’s life falls apart

Type Google Gravity and click I’m feeling lucky.

Google Gravity GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

8. Barrel Roll

This one is for those who are sitting on their desks all day long and are bored to death.

Type Do a barrel roll and watch your friend’s life take a roll.

Google-do-a-barrel-roll GIF | Gfycat

9. Askew

Google ‘Askew‘ and you’ll find the screen at an angle when it gives you the results.

Cool things to do on google

10. Let Google decide

Ask Google to Roll a Die or flip a coin when you are in double-minds. And you now know why not to worry when you lose your dice next time for Ludo.

Google's Roll Dice & Coin Flip Easter Eggs

Google's Roll Dice & Coin Flip Easter Eggs

11. Super Mario Bros

Who isn’t a Mario fan? We all miss him dearly.  So, Google decided to do something as a tribute to this game which is the best memory of many childhoods. Search Super Mario Bros. and go to the right side result and click on the box to live your past!

Google "Super Mario Bros" - GIF - Imgur

12. Google’s Past

Google surprised us by helping us relive our childhood, but did you think about Google’s past? See, again I caught you guilty of being selfish!

Type Google in 1998 and it’ll take you back to its older layout. Click on the first result and you could then search on the older version of Google.

Cool things to do on google

13. Twinkling Google

Most of us live in towns so polluted that seeing twinkling stars is a privilege. However, your friend has a solution to this too! Type Blink HTML or <blink> to watch Google blink for you!

Cool things to do on google

14. Google’s got a voice box!

Type What sound does a dog make and you’ll hear it! Pro tip: try doing the same for a fox and you’ll see (or hear) something different!

10 Best Google Easter Eggs | Amazee Metrics

15. “Lumos” and “Nox”

Remember the spells Harry used in “Prisoner of Azkaban” in order to hide from Snape? Oh, well! He got caught though. But, Google made these spells of the magical realm real. Even we, the muggles, can use them! But how? Through Google App in your mobile, of course!

Open the app and type “Lumos” in its search bar. Your flashlight automatically glows.

fun things to do on google
fun things to do on google

Just type “Nox” and the world turns dark.

16. Google Doodle Games

Under its “Stay and Play at Home” initiative, Google has revived its most popular doodle games from the archives. All you need to do it open Google and click on the doodle.

Cure your boredom w/ Google's most popular Doodle games - 9to5Google

Hope you enjoyed our list of cool things to do on Google. If you know any more, drop them in the comments below!

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