Here Are Some Really Cool Things You Can Do On Google, Other Than Search

Google Is A Fun Loving Guy.

Are you bored out of your mind and got nothing to do? Like, literally. Then, here are the cool things to do on Google.

I would like to share with you, a few interesting things, that Google offers us. Trust me, you wouldn’t know the time if you delve into its depths.

Do not miss the last two. They might seem to be bugs but they aren’t.

Cool Things To Do On Google

“Lumos” and “Nox”

Remember the spells Harry used in “Prisoner of Azkaban” in order to hide from Snape? Oh, well! He got caught though. But, Google made these spells of the magical realm real. Even we, the muggles, can use them! But how? Through Google App in your mobile, of course!

Open the app and type “Lumos” in its search bar. Your flashlight automatically glows.

cool things to do on google                                 cool things to do on google

Just type “Nox” and the world turns dark.

Timer and Stopwatch

Go and type “Set timer for 10 minutes 10 seconds” in the search bar. See what happens. The timer automatically starts its countdown. You can time according to your requirement.

cool things to do on google

These can be used to time your performances in any work, when the need arises and when there aren’t any other options.

Atari Breakout

It’s so nostalgic, this game! I used to play for hours on end and never get tired. The famous brick game which isn’t appealing to the current generation anymore.

Go to “Google images“.
Type “Atari Breakout” in the search bar without the quotations.
The screen morphs into the game! Another example of cool things to do on Google.

cool things to do on google

But, beware of the sound. It hurt my ears.

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Go to “Google“.

Type “Pacman” in the search bar without the quotations.

The game is on.

cool things to do on google

Zerg rush

If you want to be a “Hero” and not a “Zero”, you must kill all the O’s that will eat up your search results.

Type “Zerg rush” in the search bar without quotations. And, defend your search page from an onslaught of O’s.

cool things to do on google


All of us do know what an ‘Anagram’ is. A funny little game, more like a joke, is what we encounter when we type this word into the search bar.

Just type “anagram” and check out the statement “Did you mean:

cool things to do on google

Again, it has a different version, you know? Type “Define Anagram” and you’ll see a different statement in “Did you mean:“.

Google teaches you Recursion

We first encounter this word in “C Programming”. Familiar to most of us, right?

Type “Recursion” on google search bar without the quotations and you’ll find “Did you mean: Recursion” although the word you typed has no spelling error.

It’s Google’s way of showing a loop on loop, which is the exact definition of recursion.

cool things to do on google

Check these out too –

Apart from the ones I’ve mentioned above, there are a few more things to do on Google for extra fun.

  1. Type ‘Google Gravity‘ and click ‘I’m feeling lucky’.
  2. Google ‘Do a barrel roll‘.
  3. Search ‘The loneliest number‘ on google.
  4. Google ‘Askew‘ and you’ll find the screen at an angle when it gives you the results.
  5. Type ‘Tilt‘ and click ‘I’m feeling lucky’. You’ll have some more fun games!

Some of you might have known some of these beforehand. Have fun!

Hope you enjoyed our list of cool things to do on Google. If you know any more, drop them in the comments below!