Here’s What’s Cool And What’s Uncool Of Crushing Over A Person

Some people just make it straight to your heart, even without your knowledge. And that my friend, has been defined in the shastras as the time when you are screwed! *wink*. Okay, jokes apart, crushing over someone can be one of the most beautiful emotions you can ever feel, and the hormones rush can make you do things you could have never imagined. Now, despite what Bollywood has taught you, you need to draw the line between the dos and don’ts. So read on for some quick gyaan.

1. Cool – Following them on social media

You can like their pictures, posts, and other stuff as it passes by you while scrolling.

Not so cool – Stalking them. EVERYWHERE

Liking and commenting on each and every picture, digging out deep from the past.

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2. Cool – Appreciating them for the good in them

Of course, you ain’t crushing over them for nothing! Tell them, because you admire them.

Not so cool – Writing creepy long paragraphs

They are all filled with clichéd hyperboles of their extra-terrestrial beauty, or Christian Grey physique and other crap. First, people find it’s fake. Second, it gives them the creeps.

3. Cool – Respecting the person they share a romantic relationship with

Because let’s face it, most of the times, that’s the EXACT scenario.

Not so cool – Bitchin’ about their partner

Dropping subtle hints that how their relationship sucks (when it obviously doesn’t), deliberately creating misunderstandings – a big NO.

4. Cool – Getting to know the people they value

It may be anyone – their best friend, or sibling, or their favourite senior. It shows they matter to you as well.

Not so cool – Desperately making friends with every second person they talk to

In fact, even trying too hard to know and befriend their dear ones is not appreciated.

5. Cool – Taking care of the little things that bring them happiness

Maybe that chocolate doughnut or that blueberry candy. People feel loved when you remember the little details about them.

Not so cool Observing every little detail about them

What name they have saved their mother’s number with, what dresses they have, whether their eyebrow is shaped or their beard trimmed, and a thousand other nuances.

6. Cool –Not shifting your entire focus to them when hanging out in a group

The other way round, if it’s only you two, yet not making it uncomfortable for the other person.

Not so cool – Tagging along to every damn place they go to, invited or not

Not only you are invading their privacy, you are making the other people they hang out with uncomfortable too.

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That would be all from my side. Believe me, you don’t want to spoil this amazing feeling for the other person. Keep this in mind, and keep droooooooooooooooooling!!!