10 Commonly Misused Words Which Completely Change The Meaning Of A Sentence

Commonly Misused Words

Okay. Let’s admit that while writing, we often get confused between similar sounding words (homophones), or between the words having the same spelling but different meanings (homonyms).

Not being able to use them properly can change the meaning of a sentence altogether. So it’s important to use them properly.

Following is a list of commonly misused words with their meanings

1. Affect and Effect

Affect is a verb which means influence, whereas effect is outcome or result.

Commonly misused words

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2. Few and Less

Few is used for countable nouns, whereas less is used for uncountable nouns.

Commonly misused words

3. Cite and Site

Cite is used when we refer to something, whereas site means location.

Commonly misused words

4. Accept and Except

Accept means willingly receiving something, and except is used to exclude something or someone.

Commonly misused words

5. Further and Farther

Further is used to make a general comparison, while farther is used to measure distance.

Commonly misused words

6. Among and Between

Among is used to describe relationship when more than two things are involved, while between is used to describe when only two things are involved.

Commonly misused words

7. Figuratively and Literally

Figuratively means metaphorically, and literally is used to describe a situation which has happened in real.

Commonly misused words

8. Good and Well

Good is an adjective used to describe nouns, whereas well is an adverb used to describe a verb.

Commonly misused words

9. I and Me

I is used when an action is done by you, whereas me is used when an action is done which affects you.

Commonly misused words

10. There and Their

There is used to describe a place, whereas their is a possessive pronoun, used to describe someone’s possession.

Commonly misused words

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Add some more commonly misused words and phrases to the list in the comment section below!