6 Common Things Which Are Common Between Narendra Modi And Engineering Students

May 2014, tables turned. Congress was flooded out and in came the leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi Ji. Since NaMo set foot into the PM’s Office, a lot happened. Demonetization and GST occupied the throne. He has grown from next to nothing and to lakhs of people, today, he is everything.

That doesn’t save any big personality from becoming the poster boy for memes these days. There is Yin and then there is Yang. Likewise, there are lovers and then there are haters. No man is perfectly loved or hated. In a balance between these two adjectives lie Narendra Modi and current Engineering students. As much organized their lives are, they are still subjects of pleasant fun

So, here is a compilation of a few things that NaMo and Engineering students have in common:

1. Tech savvy people

All of us know that NaMo never leaves Twitter, basically. Often, we also found him expressing his love towards technology. One greatest example – His goal to digitize India in the form of cashless society.

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Tech savvy doesn’t just mean usage of smartphones to the extent of foregoing sleep every night. Engineers are always focused on latest technological innovations, their specs and hard work towards the creation of better products. Their principle is maximum effectiveness with minimum expenditure.

2. There is no “I don’t know” in their vocabulary

Whatever question NaMo is asked, he is sure to answer it. The solidity of his answer is irrelevant and its future capability is always unknown and vacillating. It might come true or it might be forgotten. The thing is, he’ll answer it. And, we know it, don’t we?

I hope all of us know Raju Rastogi’s scene from 3 IdiotsHow does an induction motor start? Well, Engineers know the basic answer to unknown questions too!

3. Complicated situations

Modi grabs the first place in creating complicated situations with complicated theories. We know what Demonetization is. Still, we don’t know what it actually means or how it works or what it did on a large-scale. Only NaMo knows the figures. Next is, GST. Oh, we know the full form and the figures – 5%, 18%, etc., But why is GST applicable to sanitary pads and not Alcohol? A luxury tax on sanitary pads? Then why construct bathrooms for women, especially, in underdeveloped areas when they cannot use sanitary pads? It’s complicated.

We still don’t know how your so-called plans work, NaMo Ji

Complicated situations for Engineers? Exams! Basically, they don’t study till the last-minute. But it is a miracle that they finish the revision of the entire syllabus before stepping foot into the destined examination hall. Then comes the second and real complication – The question paper. Most of the questions come out of space and not from the textbook. The third complication – writing answers to unknown questions. The stories Engineers write on their exam paper are very well crafted; Bahubali doesn’t even hit that mark!

Engineers play with question papers. Later, results play with them. This is the ultimate truth of an Engineer’s life, where, the night before an exam equals the whole semester.

4. People think we don’t know English coz we don’t speak in it

NaMo only gives speeches in Hindi. He never lets one English word taint his orderly speech. This led us to assume that NaMo doesn’t know English. But, his tweets? No grammatical error! Fluent English.

Engineers choose not to speak in English because they are comfortable in their local language. Even while preparing for an exam or explaining a subject to friends, they prefer their own tongue and not English. Then comes campus drives which contain English section. Interviews, which are conducted in English. Who said an Engineer doesn’t know English? They speak in it when the situation demands.

5. Ab Ki Baar

Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkar! Too many promises followed this statement with only half-hearted results.

The main problem of Engineers – writing records, assignments and studying for semester examinations. At the start of every semester, they promise themselves that they will not repeat the hal-chal of their earlier semester – late submissions and last-minute preparations. Yet, there is never any change!

6. Still, they are the Nation’s pillars and pride

A country needs a vigilant Prime Minister to walk on the path of development. A PM who can actually listen to people’s problems and understand the true essence of democracy. Though there are downsides to Modi’s Sarkar, there are crests too. And these crests are helping in pushing India to a global level. All he has to do now is save the stacked people in troughs because of issues like reservations and taxes.

Engineering is a vast subject dealing with the houses we live in, to the slippers we wear. Everything comes under engineering. Lakhs of Engineers are available and these people are the ones who make the nation. The structure of a nation, be it a physical structure or a social one, it depends on how qualified the engineers in that country are.

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Needless to say, NaMo and Engineers are the pride and pillars of Today’s India.

Are you an engineer? Tag your friends who are Engineers and drop your views in the comments below!

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