10 Childish Things To Do As Adults Because YOLO

Childish Things To Do

I love watching the bewildered grown-up faces of people hearing the question, “What did you do this children’s day?” We argue of having a child inside, but we forget to celebrate that child. The ignored child hiding under a bed scared of grown-up decisions and busy grinding life. That child waiting to jump under sun, but scared of judging eyes. Come on! This is the time. Let it not bind to a day and pass it with age or children’s day. Explore some childish things to do. Celebrate the child everyday!

1. Uncover fairy tales

childish things to do

Our grown up logical minds miss the magic of fairy tales. We stopped losing ourselves in the shoes of Cinderella and love story of the beauty living with beast. We lost that vulnerable heart of love in a child where we waited for a prince. Open those boxes and read the Children’s books and fairy tales.

2. Tune the child

childish things to do

Block the BBC and Star World. Tune in the children movies and cartoon channels. Laugh at the anti-gravitational force and never dying characters chasing each other. Bring those 90’s back with Poppey, Tom and Jerry, Richie Rich and Pokemon.

3. Playground

childish things to do

Shuttle from court to playgrounds. Let the disciplined and instructed games take a back seat and ride the swing. Run around with a ball and skip on the lawns. Chase your friends and build sand castles instead of sun baths.

 4. Sing and dance

childish things to do as adults

Skip the pop songs and tune in school anthems. Songs we made for our friends batch or anthem of the school community we loved. Dance on the cartoon network music and shake our booty. Dance like there is no tomorrow.

 5. Unpack your toys

 childish things to do

Bring back the toys you forgot in the storeroom’s dark corner, which you replaced with mobile games. The toy train, your first teddy and superhero costumes are waiting for you. Go unlock the door and unpack the box.

6. Pig your bank

childish things to do

Remember those coins, which you received, saved, awarded or stole to save in the bank in your closet. Your debit and credit cards can never replace the piggy bank. Start doing that buy what you like. The happiness of these savings cannot substitute savings account.

 7. Doodle

childish things to do

Remember the walls, dresses and papers you doodled on with the crayons, pens and markers. You might have wilder imagination then. Live that imagination again and doodle.

 8. Paint

childish things to do
Not on your phone or computer. Buy those children or adult coloring books and spend some time with them. Filling the colors in the outlines also fill colors in your life.

 9. Food

childish things to do

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No! I am not suggesting you to eat Cerelac. (Although not a bad idea. Okay, this is too crazy.) You can taste the cotton candy and dive into the bucket of ice cream instead of coffee. Eat biscuits instead of cookies. Love that yogurt, nuts and seeds.

10. Impulsive

As a child, you might have been impulsive. You needed everything then and now. Answers to your question, places you wanted to visit, sport you want to play. Be that child again. Keep your diplomacy aside for a minute and get excited for the little things you really are. Excitement is for kids. Be that kid again.

childish things to do

Allow that child to enjoy sanctuary called life from a different perspective!

Wanna add some more childish things to do as adults? Drop them in the comments below.