Answer These 7 Questions To Check If He Is The One For You?

check if he is the one for you

Do you wanna know if he likes you the way you like him? Answer These 7 Questions To Check If He Is The One For You? Let’s see if he does:

(Note: An Honest answer will help you better)

1. What was his expression when he first saw you?
a) We had an eye contact before talking. His face was glowing.
b) He was smiling and seemed happy after seeing me.
c) He had a cold expression. He smiled after I smiled.

check if he is the one for you2. What happened when you talked for the first time?
a) He seemed really interested in talking and initiated the conversations.
b) He was talking to me humbly and was being funny.
c) He was replying with flirty lines but was replying very late.

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3. How frequently do you guys talk?
a) Everyday
b) Sometimes. Probably twice-thrice a week.
c) Rarely.

check if he is the one for youcheck if he is the one for you4. Did he introduce you to his friends?
a) Yes. But he expects me to talk to them less.
b) Yes. In fact, his friends are good friends of mine now.
c) No. I only know him.

check if he is the one for youcheck if he is the one for you5. Do you think he makes an effort to spend time with you?
a) Yes. He makes sure I don’t feel lonely.
b) Yes, He thinks I am a fun person to be around.
c) Maybe. Because he is way too occupied all the time.

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6. When you are at the wrong end, how does he convince you to listen to him?
a) By making me realize why and where I was wrong. Verbal Negotiation.
b) By providing me with facts and figures to prove me wrong.
c) By yelling and shouting at me, having a verbal argument.

check if he is the one for you7. Do does he act when you make a sweet statement?
a) He kinda blushes. He gets a huge smile on his face!
b) He notices it but mentions about it later to me.
c) He is unable to react to it.

check if he is the one for you

Now let’s see the outcome:

Mostly ‘a’: You guys are truly meant to be for each other. He is totally interested in you and wants to make a move. He is trying not to be desperate and that is the reason why he is holding himself back to confess it to you. He likes the way you carry yourself and adores you the way you are. It’s just the matter of time, and he’ll come and speak to you, his heart!

Mostly ‘b’: You guys are on the edge of friendship, and your bond is stuck somewhere between more than friends but less than lovers. You both behave like friends and he cares for you and has right over you, the exact same way. It seems he is scared of speaking his heart, as he is certain that things won’t work out. There is a room of doubt that still needs to be figured out. Once sorted, you guys are good to go.

Mostly ‘c’: You guys need to sit back and think about it. He is definitely giving you signs that he wants to back off. He seems less interested and so tries to drift apart. There could be a reason behind it, and you might need to fight out that.You still hold a chance, but it is only possible when you sort out the reason why he wants to stay away from you.

Did this test work for you? Were you able to find that person? Do let us know in the comments section below:

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