Eight Quotes By Charles Bukowski You Just Can Not Stop Yourself From Reading

charles bukowski quotes

Charles Bukowski was a prolific novelist, poet and short story writer born in Germany. His father moved to America when he was two years old. His works were used to depict the depravity of urban life. His work also showed the realities of downtrodden people of America. A cult hero, Bukowski relied on experience, emotion, and imagination in his work, using direct language and violent and sexual imagery. Here are his eight best Charles Bukowski quotes that you just should not miss today:

1)  A man with complete straightforwardness and in-your-face realism.

charles bukowski quotes

2) Without trying to make himself look good, much less heroic, Bukowski writes with a nothing-to-lose truthfulness which sets him apart from most other writers.charles bukowski quotes

3) Bukowski writes with no apologies!charles bukowski quotes4) Oh well, this is very right. Maybe that is why people turn to poetry when they have had enough of exhaustive scientific stuff. charles bukowski quotes

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5) This guy takes mundane and turns it into a dark and thrilling ride. charles bukowski quotes6)  This hit hard!
charles bukowski quotes

7) This man is so blunt that it hurts!charles bukowski quotes8) This one is my most favourite. What do you guys say?charles bukowski quotes

Charles Bukowski is the name of a magician, who writes poetry, and I am awestruck!

I am already in Charles Bukowski quotes. What about you people?