6 Challenges You Face While Choosing A College After 10+2

A click here and a click there, has made colleges just a bit more accessible to us. But practically, the problems or challenges have retained. Straight out from the safe and secure four-walled building called the school, college comes as a huge blow to the students.

Let’s have a look at what are the most common challenges faced while choosing a college:

1. Desired location

Our college choices are more influenced by the city they are located in, than any other factor. While some might think of having one in the countryside, or in a metropolitan city, others may like it in their own city. To quote an example, if you love the city of Hyderabad or the area around you might want to look up for Top Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad.

2. Annual Fees

The reason why most government colleges are given preference over private ones is not just because of the faculty, but also due to the low annual fees they have. To get into a government medical college, one must score a good number in NEET 2018, or else it is hard to save the money for things other than education like rent and shopping.

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3. Ranking of the college

College choices are greatly influenced by how popular it is and what rank and rating has it received on various platforms. No doubt why Delhi University, AIIMS and IIT are big things!

4. Housing and Accommodation

Once you’ve moved to another city or state, you have to be totally independent. From paying rents on time to keeping your house clean, your parents won’t help you any longer. Initially finding PGs or hostels was a big task too, but with everything a click away now, things are much easier.

5. Prerequisites of the college

There are colleges which take admission just on the basis of merit, while others ask for CV and conduct interviews. Due to lack of information about the same, many aspirants struggle hard because they miss out on deadlines or submit just half the forms required.

6. Infrastructure

Do they have a hygienic canteen, different courts for all sports, a big library, spacious hostel rooms? Kids of the 21st century seem to make extravagant demands, which are rather fulfilled also, by most colleges in the country.

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