The Fights Of Chakmas, Unknown Story Of A Scheduled Tribe Of Southern Assam

On the southern side of Assam, there was a ranging tribe that traveled to rescue their lives during the partition of India-Pakistan. They are the ones called Chakmas. There are untold stories of struggle which even continues now.

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The fights of Chakmas, a scheduled tribe of southern Assam has led their journey of 50 years to be called as an Indian. Here’s a poem to their journey for identity.

Hidden foreword

They told us the stories of partition

Tales of new nations

Told us the reasons behind it

With shallowness of what they did

Today the depth of shallowness they increase

When they talk about the Chakmas whom they called refugees.

Past chapter 1

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They fled to the east of Pakistan,

When the partition coaxed them to leave their land.

They were asked the religions they belonged,

since they were non-Muslims nor Bengali tongue they had.

Led their livings to sojourn in India

where they caved themselves to the south of the

Dawn-lit mountains area.

This was not the end of intense humaneness

when the act of jealousy went on air,

and sooner they were asked to leave as the

people they called their own said, “we can’t share”.

Past chapter 2


Five decades they lived

listening to the foreign tone

and even to this, they agreed.

Dubbed as an alien to their own land

They spoke at last and

 now it’s our turn to return back them the

dignity in grand.


Soul’s queries

“Why do we live here?”

“why can’t we leave?”

“how can you call it home?”

“for what we grieve?”


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This is our land and we must know that

There’s nothing safer than this and

that’s why we call it our homeland.

We grieve because they are our own and

grieve for the ones who will soon call us their own.


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