Celebs Are Standing Against Trolls, So Should You.

Imagine that you tweet your opinion about the intolerance of our country one night and wake up seeing yourself completely trolled on the other. Imagine pronouncing the name of the wrong person as our president by mistake and being mercilessly mocked about it. Imagine yourself wanting to offer condolences to the late president and erroneously typing in the initials of him wrong and being ridiculed. How would you feel? Not a pleasant experience I bet. This is the reality of today’s Internet world. The Internet has become a stage providing platform to all sorts of jokes and “trollers”.

celebs standing against trolls celebs standing against trolls
Trolling is now extended to such an extent where any voice calling attention towards truth or facts is suppressed in such a way that we not only laugh and share them but also do not realize what a particular statement was meant to be. Instead of understanding and sympathizing with those who committed mistakes or having tolerance for those who are offering their distinct views,  we clown around about the natural human tendency, the tendency of being imperfect or being wrong or having an unfavorable and different ideology.

celebs standing against trolls

The act of trolling celebrities and public figures in India is trending. Sarcasm is considered as a benchmark for admins of the pages that troll. We find a number of pages and accounts that are particularly made for the sole purpose of trolling. We are so blinded by trolls and the fun that we have forgotten we are criticizing an individual’s freedom of speech and expression in such a cruelly camouflaged manner. Trolling is not a cool act but breaching of one’s fundamental rights in a way.

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