Celebrate Children’s Day By Contributing To The Child’s Happiness

Innocent faces failing to hide the emotions running underneath the skin are the children. Few standing at home or at the gate with a sparkle shining brighter than the circumstances. The never fading hope and guts of Gods filtered in the human form. They are as pure as the first drop of the cloud, which will vulnerably muddle in the mud. Their kingdom of imagination never stops at the sand castle but breaks the frontiers no one have ever thought of. These little hands may unhook themselves, but they do only with a hope that the protecting hands will pull them when needed. Few privileged and few not, deserve the same. On the birthday of Jawahar Lal Nehru, we celebrate Children’s day.

This year let us celebrate by making changes and resolutions to make a child’s life better at home and at the gateway:

At home:

All you need to remember is 3 E’s.

1. Express

Talk to your child. Express your love and ask them to express themselves. Do not tarnish their imaginations or impossible dreams with the facts. Hug and kiss them, make them feel supportive, trustworthy and loving. You might think as parents your decisions, your acts and your gifts do the job of conveying love, but children need more than that. They need a non-judgmental listener with whom they express petty and serious issues. Spend some time.

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2. Educate

Academic education is future, but your job does not end by dropping them in school. Although we discuss the wide world on a screen, school boundaries still create a well. At the age of 14, they have to decide a career path which will effect there whole life. Do not make a decision for them help them to make it. Nurture them to take responsibility without losing hope. Strong foundations are made at a young age.

3. Encourage

Encourage them to dare to dream. To live that dream. Great ideas and impossible ventures stand on that one fostered dream. People you show to inspire them are a result of their dreams. Even they came from bad economic conditions, but they worked hard. Believe your child, which will make them believe themselves.

At gateway:

All you need to remember is 3 S’s.

1. Sponsor

Sponsor the underprivileged child for education or health. You don’t have to find an NGO to do that. The child of the maid at your home or Chotu at Dhaba can use your helping hand. One section of college can sponsor 1 or 2’s education out of their pocket money. If you want to go on with a system or NGO, you can click here!

2. Serve

You can donate to legit NGO’s who ensure to put your money to use for child protection, rights, education and health. The better part is you can volunteer and be part of it for better tomorrow. You can follow some of them below:

  • Save The Child

(All you need to donate is Rs. 100)

  • Magic Bus
  • Milaap
  • Cry
  • Smile Foundation
  • Miracle Foundation

3. Save Them With Hope

You can send letters, greetings and sketches of love, hope and support to the people breathing in a war zone. People wear the mask of blasted mud listening to demolishing dreams. To fight with them, you don’t have to stand on the same soil, you should have the same soul. Click here to send!

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As Robin Grille quoted, “A society’s destiny rests on how it treats its children”. This is the time we refine our ways of treating them good to treating them better.

Happy Children’s Day!

Do you have any more suggestions? Do let us know in the comment section below!