Carryminati Releases Yalgaar: A New Song As A Response To His ‘Haters’

Carryminati Yalgaar
Carryminati Yalgaar

Carryminati has released his much hyped latest single ‘Yalgaar’ on 5th of June.

Past months have been pretty hectic in the world of young Indian internet generation.

A YouTube Vs TikTok controversy which started in late April took a nasty turn when YouTube deleted Carryminati’s TikTok roast video.

Carry’s roast video garnered divided feedback from different section of the Indian Internet.

While many YouTubers and content creators supporting Carryminati’s roast, a section of the Internet was against it and found it sexist and homophobic.

YouTube deleted Carry’s video on 15th of May which polarised the Internet more than ever.

Many media outlets welcomed the move but some on the other side saw it as an attack on freedom of content creation.

While the debate is still on, Carryminati has released his new single as a response to his haters.

The video has already garnered over 500K views within an hour of its release.

Carryminati, in Yalgaar is calling out his ‘haters’ in the whole music video. He’s referring this as a beginning of a long battle by calling it ‘Yalgaar ho’.

Carryminati has also mentioned Dhruv Rathee and Kunal Kamra in the video indirectly.

Kunal and Dhruv had released videos on their respective channels taking their stance on Carryminati’s roast content.

While Kunal Kamra’s video was more on the funnier side, Dhruv Rathee’s ‘Opinion’ was against Carryminati’s roast language.

Carryminati – Ajay Nagar had also released a mini clip on YouTube and Instagram where he was sounding sad and shocked after his video was taken down.

Let’s how the other side takes this Yalgaar video. Will the come up with a response or ignore it?

We are excited for this Internet banter among the online content creators. We hope that this is healthy and does not take a nasty turn in future. People on both sides should take it sportingly.

Which side are you on? Tell us in the comments below.

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