CarryMinati’s TikTok Roast Video Removed From YouTube

Carry minati roast video removed from youtube
Carry minati roast video removed from youtube

CarryMinati did a roast video on a TikTok celebrity, Amir Siddiqui on the 9th of May. The video gained around 60M views in a week and became the most talked about topic on social media.

The video was seen as a reply to TikToker Amir Siddiqui in an ongoing Internet battle between two social media giants, YouTube and TikTok.

As per the latest reports, the video is not available on CarryMinati’s YouTube channel. People are assuming that it has been removed due to the violation of YouTube’s content guidelines.

YouTube removes TikTok The End video.

Earlier today, Amir released a video on YouTube as a reply to CarryMinati’s roast. He claims to be pushed towards suicide and accused CarryMinati of cyberbullying.

The internet has become more divided over the topic with people taking Carry’s and Amir’s side.

#JusticeForCarry & #AmirAgainstCyberbullying is trending on twitter.

Roast videos have not seen very good legal support in India. In fact, social media companies also don’t openly support ‘roasting’ content.

AIB’s popular Roast video was also removed from YouTube after severe outrage on social media.

Here’s the deleted TikTok video: