5 Cape-Less Superheroes Everyone Should Know About!

cape-less superheroes

We all love super heroes (I am ardent fan of Marvel!). Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain-America and lists goes on. Marvel and DC fascinated us with their superhero characters. Have you ever thought, what made them superheroes? Neither technology nor scientific experiments. They are heroes because of their selflessness, helpful nature, courage and bravery. We too have some cape-less superheroes.

Even though, we have our defense on duty there are few superheroes serving inside border. They are proving notion of superheroes being fiction, wrong! Today TMZ share few cape-less superheroes irrespective of their age for their contributions:

Bipin Ganatra

cape-less superheroes

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In India 25000 people die every year in fire accidents. In these fires, people lose their relations and burn in emotions forever. Few mourn for loss and few decide to fight with it. Bipin Ganatra, widely known as ‘Fire Chaser’ is voluntarily fighting against fire in Kolkata. After losing his brother to fire at young age, he declared his personal war with it. He fought more than 100 fire-accidents along with fire department and saved thousands of lives. He was awarded, ‘Padma Shri’ this year and he want to continue his work until his last breathe. Salute!

Afroz Shah

cape-less superheroes

India is fighting for hygiene and one-step towards it is ‘Swachh Bharat’. Most publicly untidy places spreading diseases are rivers and beaches. Those are the places we adore and a stroll alone for peace. Do we take care? No! We curse but pay no heed. Afraz Shah, lawyer, is one among us but not one of us. He took a selfless step towards cleanliness; which resulted in in tidy ‘Versova Beach.’ He not only cleaned filthy beach, but also filthy thoughts who blame with no self-action. He is indeed an inspiration and deserves ‘Champion of Earth’. He is planning to replicate his work on other beaches. Kudos!

Raja Sethi Murali

cape-less superheroes

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My parents always say that any help you do increase persons hope for more. Only food donation satisfies ones need. Raja Sethi Murali, identified the needs of people whose loved ones are in government hospitals. Patients are provided with all facilities but their attendants who spend all the money on treatment, left penniless. Murali who is small television artiste suffered the hunger and strive hard to provide food and clothing for attendants who sleep on streets within his salary. He requests not to waste food, instead provide extra food to needy. Respect!

Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai

cape-less superheroes

Slogans, signs and articles every hour reminds us not to waste the water. Many people still die thirsty in the absence of purified water. Drinking un-purified water results in ill healths of citizens. Remember the case of Uddanam; result of ill-treated water. Lalita 13 year old Orissa girl wins award at google science fair for purifying water with dried corn cobs. This cheap, eco-friendly method will solve water problem in many areas. This promotes usage of bio-waste. We hope, this system of water purification reach every nook and corner. Admire!

Omkar Nath Sharma

cape-less superheroes

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21st century sowed seeds for many diagnosed and un-diagnosed diseases. However, Rich who can afford the treatment buy costly medicines, but poor cannot. Omkar Nath Sharma, recognized the need to re-distribute medicines to the poor. He collect the left over, unexpired medicines from affordable, and deliver them to needy. Omkar Nath travel across Delhi and collect medicines screaming for donations in streets. He is famous as ‘Medicine Baba’. Among all the fake babas, he is the real baba whose only power is ‘will to help’. Valued!

Hope you got inspired! We have more cape-less superheroes. Do you know more? Share with us.